How to present your Pro-Skills during Job Interview at a Salon?

Date: July 17, 2019

Beautician Job Interview Questions

Appearing for an interview for your first-job in a salon can give jitters to anyone. However, with proper preparation and mock interviews with your trainer or friends, can help you ace your job interview and land an offer in hand at any top-notch salon chain, spa center in a hotel or beauty and wellness clinics. Listed below are five points that are crucial to showcase your professional skills during a job interview in the beauty and wellness domain:

  1. Dress Up

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while appearing for a job interview is your dressing sense. Neither dress up casually nor in full party style. A decent business suit or a white shirt and skirt/trouser can add the professional aura to your look. Most importantly, you should be comfortable in what you are wearing.

  1. Make Up

Keep your make up light and let your hands showcase your talent if you are asked for a makeup demo or to showcase your expertise during the interview. Too much makeup takes away attention from your pro-skills and makes you appear flashy.

  1. Know your Expertise

Run yourself through your own skillset and jot down your technical prowess, the skills that you are expert at. Brush up your knowledge and keep few key pointers ready so as you don’t fumble during the interview and present a confident self. On the other hand, know your flaws or weaknesses and be ready with an answer, as this is the most common question during any job interview.

  1. Why Should We Hire You?

Prepare a good answer to the question that why the salon should hire you. While answering this question you can talk about your positive and learning attitude, then you can move to your best skills as to what you bring to the table that can help the salon/beauty parlour grow, and conclude your answer by citing your achievements/internship, etc.

  1. Be Courteous

Lastly, be courteous from the moment you step in your job interview venue to the time you walk out. The beauty and wellness industry expects the professionals to be highly skilled yet extremely grounded. Remember, a smile on your face and excellent soft skills add five stars to your persona.

All the Best!

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