How to Take Care of Your Nails This Winter?

Date: December 2, 2019

Do you often wonder why your nails tend to break more in winters? One brush with a hard surface and your expensive nail art goes cracking, and so does your heart. Like hair and skin, the colder months tend to be cruel on your nails too. While heat and humidity keep them growing, winter months make nails brittle, rough, and easy to chip.

With a few protective measures, you can continue to make your nails look good, healthy, and nourished enough to grow faster. You must improve the natural condition of your nails by providing the right nourishment. You can also visit a nail technician for more tips.

Here are a few handy tips to start taking care of your nails now:

  • Clean your nails and do a warm oil massage, preferably at night. Massage well enough to reach the cuticles and below the nail surface. Oils improve the elasticity of nails and boost shine.
  • Go for bi-monthly pedicures and manicures. Opt for a nail treatment that uses a softening exfoliant and a hydrating mask.
  • If trying to DIY your nail beauty at home, then keep your nails clean of cuticle overgrowth and hangnails. File your nails regularly to keep them shapely and even. If you have thin nails, opt for a round or square-oval shape, as opposed to edgy squares for a longer shelf life of the shape.
  • Try to keep nails short in winter, to avoid breakage or chipping.
  • Use a hand cream if you tend to wash your hands often, especially at night. Opt for products with moisture-boosting ingredients and rich oils like coconut oil, Vitamin E, shea butter, almond oil, cocoa butter, etc.

An alternative to all of the above, you can also go for nail overlays from professional Nail Technicians like silk or gel polish which add flexibility to your nails without cutting them short. Beauticians aiming to help their clients with healthy nails, nail art, and manicures, can opt for a diploma course in nail art and extension at a nearby Orane Beauty Institute and get trained professionally in just one months’ time.

Nails require as much attention as our skin, face, or hair, particularly in the colder months. With these tips and a little more time from your end, you can keep your hands and feet look and feel healthy and great.

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