If You are Curious about Weight Management, Why Not Make it Your Career ?

Date: April 6, 2020

Weight loss is one of the most common dilema of modern day society. A large proportion of total population in the world is attempting to control their body weight. According to a survey report of ‘Times of India’, 70% people in metros are either overweight or suffering from obesity.

One more report from ‘India Today’ shows that one in every five men or women is either obese or overweight. A country where around 270 million people live below the ‘poverty line’ and these facts of obesity really point out that weight management has become a growing concern in India as well.

That’s why weight management course can give you a good kickstart to your career if you have subsequent knowledge related to body hormones, nutrition, psychology of weight gain in body, fat reduction and several other related points. What’s important is that you choose the right place to educate yourself.

What is weight loss management course?                      

It is a course or study guide that enables you to learn human body’s cravings and hormone levels. Metabolism and energy are key constraints that significantly manage your body weight. These programs let you know the impact of metabolism, how to increase metabolism and energy, truth behind sugar, deposited fat in our body cells, reasons of weight gain, knowledge of nutrition’s, and much more.

You will also learn about BMI (Body Mass Index) to calculate the right weight for a body. Generally, a normal person has 18 to 25 units. Above 25 BMI, a person is considered as overweight and after 30 BMI, a person is counted as obese.

Who can do the course?

After completing your 12th class, you can enrol in a weight management course with Orane. Orane gives you exciting career opportunities to start your career after 12th with job-oriented courses. After getting certified in weight management courses, you can become a health and fitness professional, nurse practitioner, registered dietician, fitness expert, nutrition expert, medical assistant, member of any health team or even a weight loss .

After completing your course, Orane gives you 100% job assurance and chance to work with multiple big brands in the industry. By joining weight management course, you can possess the required knowledge to update clients about long-term weight management success through a balance of behaviour change strategies, exercise and nutrition.

Start your Career with Orane by Enrolling in Our Weight Management Course

You can find multiple weight management courses here at Orane like Nutrition course, Modern and Ayurvedic weight management course.  These courses are structured to cover the necessary guidelines of all behaviours of weight gain and weight loss along with numerous diet plans such as Fad diet, Blood Group diet, Atkins’s diet and GM Motor diet. To know complete course details, please click here

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