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Date: September 10, 2019

Professional Mehndi Artist

Traditionally applied during festive occasions in India, Mehndi plays a special role in our culture and tradition. As India is a country of different religions, Mehndi gets a place in Hindu, Muslim and Sikh cultures as women apply it on their weddings, and other special occasions. Besides, cultural values, women share a great bond with mehndi. The artistic designs allow them to showcase their love for this art and make their hands festival ready.

Just as myriads of beauty classes’ options, there are so many people who search for Mehndi Classes as they love to learn this art. Whether it is just out of your passion for mehndi, your hobby or you are looking for an artistic career, you can get to the right path by joining Professional Mehndi Classes.

When you desire to jump into the world of mehndi art, you must know different types of mehndi styles. A Mehndi class is not merely about teaching the techniques of applying Henna on hands, but there are so many other aspects. In these aspects, learning different mehndi types has a great importance. Knowing these types, you can make a right selection of design based on a certain culture and occasion. So, let’s find out various types of mehndi designs that you can learn in these classes.

Indian Mehndi Design:

Indian Designs of mehndi are quite complex and attractive and specialising in these designs can make you a good mehndi artist. These designs have numerous motifs and great patterns. These designs are complex yet simple. The selection of simple to complex design should be made on the basis of the occasion. They can be carved out on arms, legs, palm and hands. In weddings, the mehndi artists usually focus on applying fine and immensely complicated designs that are applied on the legs and hands of the bride.

African Mehndi Design:

These are truly famous designs across the globe. These patterns used in this design are quite same as that of Indian designs of Mehndi. In African Design, you will see complex patterns with motifs that have geometric figures, lines, squares etc. These designs can be applied on foot, hands, legs and arms.

Arabic Mehndi Design:

Though Arabic Mehndi is known for its simplicity, yet it looks truly fascinating. The motifs and patterns are clutter-free and simple as compared to Indian designs. It usually features flowers, veins and leaves designs. A notable element of this kind of mehndi design is; they are always less-filled with outlined patterns. They are good to be applied on legs and hands only.

When you are preparing yourself to turn your interest in mehndi art into career, you must kick-start it as your hobby. You may first gain the required experience and expertise from mehndi classes. After practicing and mastering various designs of mehndi, you can start your own mehndi studio or work as a freelancer. By properly advertising and marketing your mehndi art service, you can increase your work opportunities and make it expand!

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