Keep Your Hair Looking Fabulous Always: Top Hair Hacks For Girls!

Date: April 6, 2020

If we ask you what is the one thing about their look that keeps them worried at all times? One of the top   most answers would be hair. Yes, ladies. That’s right. Hair is the trickiest to manage but has a very important impact on your look. 

What if we never had a single bad hair day? How much better our lives would have been if our hair looked beautiful every day all day long! It’d be great, isn’t it? Well, thankfully this is still possible. Yes, you heard it right.

We can still get that beautiful hair that stays beautiful forever. How? Only by following these simple hair hacks. Here are the easy solutions to the top five hair problems that you girls face.

Pins Make your Hairstyle Stay Intact

Hair clips or bobby pins slipping out of your air repeatedly can be very annoying. This is often the case with sleek, smooth hair. To keep them in place, there are several techniques you can use. Just spray them with your choice of hairspray or dry shampoo. To ensure the powder distributes well and coats the pins evenly, lay them inside a towel, spray, and shake.

Oily Hair and Scalp? Don’t worry!

It is not practical or feasible to wash your hair every day. Most shampoos contain strong chemicals that can damage your hair if used too often. Plus, you’re so busy that washing and conditioning your hair daily seems too time-consuming. Well, what can you do then?

The best option is to tie up your hair. This will not let the oil in your hair show. Braid your hair then pull out the stitches a little for the illusion of added body. Or try dry shampoo, which absorbs the oil. In the absence of dry shampoo, baby powder or corn starch also works well to tackle this this problem!

Know Your Brushes

It’s very important to know the right type of brushes that you should use for different hair styles. You can use a wide toothed comb to untangle your hair, especially after a wash.

Round brushes are great for styling. Use small round brush to curl and add volume to your hair. Larger round brushes can be used with a hair dryer to straighten your hair. Paddle brushes are perfect to get that smooth silky mane. Using a hairbrush while blow drying gives added shine to your hair.

Wash and Dry in the Right Way

Hot water will dry your hair out and make it frizzy, while cold water may not get all the dirt and oil out. So use lukewarm water to wash your tresses, and use cold water for the last rinse. That will seal your cuticles, which form outermost part of the hair shaft, giving it strength and offering protection.

Also, avoid rubbing your wet hair. Instead, pat it dry to remove moisture. You can also use an old cotton t-shirt instead of a heavy towel to dry hair and prevent breakage.

Have Slow-growing Hair?

There are many ways you can hasten hair growth. A regular hot oil massage at least once a week is a good place to start with. Simply heat up some coconut oil and apply it onto your scalp. Then massage using fingertips to aid blood circulation and help hair grow.

Avoid washing your hair too frequently, and get your hair trimmed every three months to get rid of split ends that can inhibit hair growth and make hair strands weaker.

So ladies, aren’t these hacks simple? You must be following most of the suggestions yourself, but it is also important to do them in the right way. That’s where a little training from an accredited Beauty institute such as Orane, come into play where you can learn hair designing courses such as Diploma in Aesthetics and Hair Designing, Diploma in Hair Designing.

Remember, you can tackle the most common hair issues that you face every day with some efforts. Try them out and do not forget to share them all your girlfriends too!

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