Keeping Education Out of GST will Ensure Affordable Training, Enable Orane to Benefit Youth!

Date: April 6, 2020

The Government led by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi deserves high praise for moving decisively to implement a GST regime in the country by getting all stakeholders on board, including state governments, to agree to the launch of the possibly the biggest economic reform in India in recent times.

The agreement reached on GST rates shows the seriousness of the Union Government in ushering in game-changing measures that would further ease the process of doing business in India for achieving a faster and more equitable growth benefiting all sections of the population, including the socially and economically marginalised, and women.

Clearing the air over the GST rates for different categories of goods and services would allow organisations connected with providing these to give a definite shape to their business plans and move quickly towards implementing their growth agendas thereby paving the way for the world’s 2 nd most populous country to stand out as a role model in inclusive development.

From Orane’s perspective, education being kept outside the purview of GST would ensure we can keep training costs affordable for more Indian youths, especially young women, keen to take advantage of the global best-in- class skills training provided by our institutes to secure their livelihoods through well-paying jobs or gainful self-employment.

The fact that education will not attract GST would also act as a catalyst for Orane to establish more institutes nationwide, including in tier-II and tier-III towns and cities and at the district level. So that we may empower countless thousands of young women to realise their dreams by taking advantage of the manifold opportunities for jobs and self-employment in the fast-growing Indian beauty and wellness domain.

At Orane, we have always been driven by the motto of making a tangible difference in the lives of people our work touches in some form or the other. The clarity over GST would go a long way in further strengthening Orane’s ability to play its part in transforming society.

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