Key Steps to Become a Nutritionist or Dietician

Date: March 15, 2022

Nutrition and Dietetics

In today’s fast paced world, we need to be in the pink of health to face all challenges and come out as winners. After all, you are what you eat! This is where a nutritionist or dietician steps in. They help people make the right food choices for a healthier lifestyle, create customised meal plans, and provide nutritional care to patients with disorders — in a nutshell —live long and live healthy!

So, do we have your attention? Are you interested in improving the quality of life and wellbeing of people around you by becoming a Nutritionist or Dietician in India? Do you want to know how to become a Nutritionist or Dietician? Just follow our key steps and have a flourishing career as a certified Nutritionist.

Choice of Subjects in Class 12

If you always knew you wanted to become a Nutritionist/Dietician, you must have taken the Science stream (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) in Class 12. If not, no worries… you can still pursue a certified nutritionist course or a diploma in Nutrition/Dietetics. Though Biology and Chemistry provide the foundation and open a wider range of career opportunities, you can enroll in a dietician and nutritionist course without these subjects as well.

Take a Call: Nutritionist or Dietician?

Though these terms are used interchangeably, a Nutritionist or Dietician have completely different job profiles. Nutritionists manage the general nutritional behaviour of a person. They are professionals who guide and advice on the types and quantity of food intake, taking care of the general health and wellbeing of an individual. They help people make the right lifestyle choices and live happier lives.

A Dietitian, on the other hand, are qualified professionals who diagnose eating disorders and treat specific medical conditions. Let’s take an example: Someone suffering from Thyroid will have different nutritional needs than a diabetic patient. This is what dieticians are specialised to do — they make meal plans and suggest which foods to avoid/intake to cure the disease.

Nutrition & Dietetics Courses

An aspirant can take a pick from several diplomas in nutrition and dietetics and certified nutritionist courses according to the duration and specializations they are interested in. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of the most popular dietician and nutritionist courses.

  1. Certificate Course in Modern & Ayurvedic Method of Weight Management
  2. Certificate Course in Family & Child Care
  3. Certificate Course in Sports & Fitness
  4. Certificate Course in Clinical Nutrition
  5. Certificate Course in Nutrition & Dietetics
  6. Certificate Course of Nutrition in Cosmetology
  7. Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education
  8. Diploma in Dietetics
  9. Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics
  10. Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition
  11. Diploma in Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition
  12. Diploma in Nutrition and Food Technology

Internship & Training

It is very important to gain hands-on experience and enhance your networking. For this, an internship is a must. It helps you get industry experience and add to your resume. Additionally, you will get a peek into the various job profiles and discover what you are passionate about. Equipped with experience and professional connections, you are now ready to venture out into the competitive nutrition-related environment, where a plethora of opportunities are open to you.

Scope of a Nutritionist & Dietician

After completing a dietician and nutritionist course, a wide array of opportunities will be available to you in the professional arena. Dieticians and Nutritionists take care of the nutritional and health needs of their patients and clients, guiding them towards a healthier lifestyle by recommending the right eating habits and managing their diseases. The scope is becoming wider each day as professionals enter the field after a certified nutritionist course or a diploma in nutrition and dietetics.

This career promotes health and wellness as people are becoming increasingly aware about the connection between a nutritious diet and preventing or managing major diseases.

Let’s take a look at the various career options available after completing a dietician and nutritionist course from a reputed institute.

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List of Career Options
  1. Clinical Nutritionist
  2. Clinical Dietician
  3. Public Health Nutritionist
  4. Sports Nutritionist
  5. Pediatric Dietician
  6. Community Dieticians

Clinical Nutritionist

This is one of the top career choices after a diploma in nutrition and dietetics. Professionals in this field are expected to conduct research and obtain scientific knowledge to treat infectious and non-communicable diseases. Aspirants can work in hospitals, health clinics, health centres, Multi-National Corporations, nutritionist in NGOs and private organisations. You can also open your own clinic and become an entrepreneur.

Clinical Dietician

A Clinical Dietician helps patients maintain their nutritional intake and consume the right quantity of nutrients. They can work in hospitals, nursing care facilities, clinics, etc.

Public Health Nutritionist

A Public Health Nutritionist applies his expertise on problems like Anaemia, deficiency of Vitamin A, Diabetes, Iodine, etc. They connect with the people at large and can find work in health organisations, NGOs, private organisations, and more.

Sports Nutritionist

This field is all about the specific nutritional requirements of sports players. Again, it depends on the category of sports they play. As a result, thorough knowledge and understanding of this field is essential. Aspirants can easily find work at gyms, fitness centres, or as a certified supplements and granular nutritionist.

Pediatric Dietician

After a specialised diploma, professionals are equipped to work with children of all age groups. They offer their expert advice on the nutritional requirements of an infant or an adolescent to promote health and inculcate healthy eating habits in them.

Community Dieticians

They are professionally qualified to work with large groups and communities. The most favoured choices? Fitness clubs, public health agencies, government projects.


Now that you know how to become a nutritionist in India and the various career choices, you can choose from among the various diploma and certified nutrition and dietician courses.

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