Laser Hair Removal: Is it an Actual Removal or Reduction of Hair Growth?

Date: December 24, 2019

Laser Hair Removal

One of the many beauty concerns that most women have today is unwanted hair. And of all available options, laser treatment for hair removal seems to have picked up the trend in recent years, owing to its endless benefits.

It is painless, time-saving, cost-effective, less cumbersome, and most importantly, has no side effects (like creams and wax can cause skin damages). However, there is one question that often comes up regarding laser hair removal – does it actually make your skin hair-free or does it simply reduce the hair growth. To understand the real effectiveness, you need to know the hair growth stages and what exactly laser and light hair removal involves.

The procedure uses heat from concentrated light beams, which burn the hair follicles, thus retarding hair growth. Now, hair grows in three phases – active, regressive, and resting. When the laser is applied, it is most effective on the hair in its active phase. If any hair is in its regressive or resting phase, it cannot be removed by laser.

Gradually, the follicles die, and there is almost no regrowth. But, here’s where, most people get it wrong. In most cases, laser hair removal is considered ‘semi-permanent’ and not completely permanent. It definitely reduces the growth, but that does not guarantee ‘no regrowth.’

Typically, people need to sit through a few sessions of laser removal, depending on the volume and thickness of hair to be removed, area of the body, the sensitivity of the skin, and so on…

It would be wrong to expect instant results after the very first session. Even after the laser hair removal treatment starts to take effect on the hair growth, it can be said that it removes at least 80% of hair (again depending on the hair quality). But, there will always be 20% hair that might or might not be removable by even laser. This could be in the form of fine baby hair, or hair growing back in a certain part of the body, which may be in its resting or regressive phase. Hence, laser hair removal cannot be called a ‘permanent solution,’ but it is surely an aesthetic and proven solution to manage unwanted hair growth.

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