Learn How to do the Perfect Lip Makeup Step by Step?

Date: April 6, 2020

Almost every woman uses makeup every day. Makeup is not only a thing to beautify or highlighting your facial features but also a different way to feel you confident and look better. To do so we use different makeup everyday like eyeshadow, mascara, Kajal, Foundation, and of course lipstick, which is the most important. In my views, lipstick or lip makeup is the only one thing that can highlight your complete face alone and make you feel beautiful.

It enhances the color of our eyes, and that in turn makes our eyes look bigger. However, the choice of colour and its right application is very important. Make sure to choose the right shade of lipstick and apply it correctly to enhance your eyes highlight the overall face. In this blog, we will learn how to do the perfect lip makeup everyday.

Early preparation steps for Lip makeup

Lips define the beauty of a woman. To do a perfect lip makeup, you need to do some early preparations. You should know prior about your shade and which style you want to follow.  Follow these two steps for some early preparation.

  • Pick the right shade of Lipstick to match your skin tone:

With such a wide range of lip color options, finding the best one is really difficult that match to our skin tone as well. So, to narrow down our selection list, one can follow these instructions to find there pick:

  • Natural Skin Tone can be suited for every type of lip shades.
  • Warm skin tones like British skin tone are best complimented by warm tones such as dark red, maroon or Orange.
  • Cool Skin tone like for dark or dusky skin, you can choose brown or purple shades.
  • The best thing to identify or pick a shade is to choose two shades darker than your natural lip colour.
  • Pick Your style

Now you need to identify which style you would prefer. For example to get a natural look you can consider the shade based on your skin tone and fill it in your natural shape only. For a pout or fuller lips, pick some bold shade and you have to extra careful to draw outside or inside lip line and then filling it with your choice of lip colours.

Reveal the Beauty of Your Lips with These Three Steps

After finalizing the above things, you can follow these three steps to do the perfect lip makeup:

  1. Give a perfect shape with lip liner

 Draw the shape of your lips using lip liner. Make sure you draw you give a good shape to the middle and corner of lips for greater definition. For fuller or lower look, draw slightly outside or inside the actual lip line. You can take one shade dark lipliner from your lip colour to highlight your lip lines.

  1. Colour Your Lips with Elegance:

Now elegantly fill your lips with lip brush. At first apply to the lower lip and start from the center. After completing lower lip, fill the shade in upper lip. For a beautiful finish at the corners of the lips, use the side edge of the brush. For longer lasting results, blot the lips using a tissue paper to blend the color into your lips.

  1. Add a dewy, glossy look (Optional):

Apply a layer of lip gloss to add a moist sheen to your lips, giving them extra fullness. For fuller look, you can apply gloss only to the middle of both lips.

Hopefully, these tips will help to apply a perfect lipstick or lip makeup everyday. So, are you ready to do it? If you want to learn more beauty hacks, all you have to subscribe our blog.

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