Look n Learn Hair Strobing Workshop at Orane Chandigarh

Date: April 6, 2020

What is Hair Strobing?

Hair Strobing is a new technique in hair designing industry. It has taken hair designing Industry by storm. It is a technique of adding highlighter to the hair with deliberate, flattering placement.Hair strobing basically means adding highlighter where light would naturally hit the face, adding a sheen glow to those areas. This brings out best features of your face with colours complementing your skin tone. This technique also blocks the contrasting colours which otherwise would not suit your skin tone.

Orane Beauty Institute has planned one day “Think and Learn” hair strobing workshop at its Chandigarh centre. The registration link for the workshop http://bit.ly/2gvTLQW

How hair Strobing is done?

This technique uses colours which are either two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair colour. The colours are in coordination with your skin tone and add a nice glow to your face as natural light ideally would. The technique thus helps in framing your face.

Hair colouring trends differ with different styles of hair, but this hair colouring technique would suite any hair length and look absolutely amazing. This sure is the future trend in 2017 and would create ripples in Hair Designing and Styling Industry. While people in India are getting used to idea of face highlighting, hair highlighting in the form of Hair Strobing may seem like an insane idea. But this trend is here and is definitely here to stay.

Why Hair Strobing is going to be a game changer in the world of hair colouring?

 Strobing is going to be a game changer in the world of hair colouring. It suits everyone as colour is applied differently depending on what colours suit your skin tone and face cut.

 Hair strobing is flattering for curly hair, different touches of light contrasting perfectly with your complexion further enhance curls.

Learn Hair Strobing at Orane Institute Chandigarh

Orane Beauty Institute is Asia’s number 1 beauty and Wellness Institute. We have an excellent training program that is updated regularly with respect to new Industry trend. Our students get skilled by the Industry experts in every new hair and makeup technique in the beauty Industry. This time we thought of trying something different. How about making such an opportunity available for our amazing followers and all the beauty enthusiasts out there? Yes, we have planned for a workshop at Orane institute Chandigarh.

Great news for Beauty and Makeup lovers in Chandigarh. Participate in our one day Look and learn workshop and acquire skill in hair strobing technique from Industry experts.

 The event is scheduled on December 20, 2016 at Orane Chandigarh. Following are some

details about the event:

 The ticket cost for Rs 250 /- which includes tea and snacks as well.

 The registration link for the workshop http://bit.ly/2gvTLQW

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