Makeup Hacks to Save Your Morning Minutes!

Date: January 2, 2020

Morning Makeup

Those rush hours in the morning, trying to get the house in order, putting yourself together for a long day ahead, and being on time, can take a toll on how you can look at the start of the day. But fret not, there are quick, easy, and remarkable ways to fix up a morning makeup routine without spending too much time!

Keep everything handy.

Hunting for each item can be wasteful. So, the best way to save time is to keep them ready at hand on your dresser/mirror so that you can use them quickly. Gets the basics like eyeliner, mascara, primer, concealer, eye shadow (if you use), and lip colours.

Prep your skin the night before.

The classic CTM (cleansing-toning-moisturizing) routine can take up a good few minutes. Do all that before you go to bed, so the next morning, you can swipe your face with a good cleanser and get going.

Use a holistic face makeup.

Rather than using too many products, apply something that can save multiple items, and yet gives you similar results. Foundation is not compulsory every time, and rushing it can make your face look cakey. Instead, use a BB/CC cream, which can work as an all-in-one solution for primer, concealer, and sunscreen.

Use lipstick for eyes, lips, and even cheeks.

Lip colours can be easily used as an eye shadow, blusher, and of course, for your lips. Unless it’s a dark colour, you can use nudes and pastel shades to add a tint to your eyelids and blend it on your cheekbones and apply a little deeper on your lips.

Use cream-based products to save time. 

When in a hurry, you cannot possibly have different brushes for different makeup. However, that is required for mostly powder-based products. Instead, use cream-based products, so you can easily blend with your fingers or sponge, and save time.

You don’t need to sacrifice looking good because you are running against time. Remember, makeup is all about being intelligent with the basics and getting creative with it.

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