Nail Extensions – Top 3 Favourite Picks Of Today’s Woman!

Date: August 9, 2021

Your nails can be the one thing that you can get into shape without exercise! Jokes apart, but the nails can tell a lot of things about your lifestyle. Maintaining them and cherishing their beauty can enhance your overall personality without doing much. Add a glam factor to your overall look! You don’t need much; just a pair of good heels, red bold lipstick and hands full of elegant acrylic or gel nails. This is enough to create magic.

You can tell a lot about a woman by her hands – Yes it is true!

Let’s clear the cloud of doubt! Here are the top three types of artificial nails that women are going gaga for:

ACRYLIC NAILS – The Most Popular Ones!


No woman will mind having acrylic nails! One – these are popular. Second – these are beautiful. Third – there is a huge variety to choose from. This type of extension includes a mixture of liquid and acrylic powder. The mixture of both is applied to the natural nails and then transformed into the shape of nails.

FIBERGLASS – More Natural Looking Nails!


It is seen that many women are curious to know about the resilience of fiberglass nails. Well, these nails offer you the same features as their acrylic cousins. Being a perfect lightweight nail option, these are considered to be healthier than the alternatives. But it is also true that these are on the expensive side.

GEL NAILS – More Flexible & Glossy!


Gel nails have been in trend for the longest time. In this process, ultraviolet light is used to harden the gel. You can either blend it with the whole nail or just go for a French tip. This involves the same steps as the traditional manicure.

Wrap Up!

Beautiful hands define a strong character of a woman! Having gel or acrylic nails is a personal choice. All you need is to maintain them well. Uplifts the charm and beauty of your nails today!

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