Nail Forms or Nail Tips- Which Works Better?

Date: December 19, 2019

Nail Forms or Nail Tips

You must have heard about nail art and nail enhancement techniques. These are a saviour for ladies who have brittle and short nails. Nail enhancement makes your nails longer, stronger and beautiful instantly. Nail forms and Nail tips are two ways of performing a nail enhancement treatment process which often confuses users.

Whether you are a nail lover who wants to become a nail technician and looking for nail salon school in India or not, even as a beauty lover, you must be aware of the difference between nail forms and nail tips.

Let’s get started

Nail Tips

It is a fake nail made up of plastic which is glued on a nail to make it look longer. There are different types of nail tips. Some of it will fully cover the nail plate whereas some cover just a small portion of it. Once it is done, nail enhancement liquids are applied over it to make it thicker. In Nail art technician academy, you learn the nail extension process in detail from industry experts with all the precautions you need to take while doing so.

How Nail Tips are Applied over Natural Nails?

  1. The first step involves the selection of nail tips. Nail tips are available in different shapes and sizes like full well tips, partial well tips and well-less tips.
  2. Once selected, nail tips are sized according to the natural nails so that they get fit nicely without harming natural ones. If not done properly, it can damage your natural nail or nail tip can fall off as well.
  3. This process of sizing nail tips is done using thinning, buffing and shaping of nail tip by a nail technician. Thinning and buffing make the nail tip more flexible. After sizing it, the nail tips are glued to natural nails.
  4. After glueing it and buffing it, nail primer is applied over it. After primer, acrylic nail enhancement is applied evenly over the nail using the brush. Then using nail grinder, technician smoothes the surface of the nail extension and make it ready for applying nail colour.

Nail Forms

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Nail forms work as a supporter or base for acrylic nail extensions and they are basically a sticker which comes in two forms- Horseshoe and CND performance. These are available in reusable and disposable forms. Disposable forms are better as far as hygiene is concerned.
Reusable nail forms are made up of metal whereas disposable nail forms come in foil, paper and plastic material.

How to Apply Nail forms?

  1. Slip the nail form under the extra grown natural nail and wrap the holder around the finger which stops the nail form to slide. This is the most important part, as a mistake in it can cause gaps and spoil the nail extension process.
  2. You need to blend the seam of nail form perfectly before you apply acrylic nail enhancement.
  3. Now apply the acrylic nail enhancement over the nail and nail form. Use a brush for smoother application. After this, use nail grinder and buffing to ready the nail surface for nail paint application.

Which is better?

  1. The biggest difference between nail tip and nail form is, nail tip stays intact even after the completion of the process, whereas nail forms only help in nail extension process but are later removed.
  2. It is clear that nail forms give you lighter (less heavy) nail extensions than nail tips. But this does not make nail tips bad choice Nail tips can be more durable if applied properly.
  3. Nail tips can be applied over any kind of nails even if you don’t have extra grownatural nails. But for nail forms, you have to grow natural nails a bit for support, only then you can use nail forms effectively.
  4. Nail forms are easier to use and look more natural than nail tips.

We hope, now you clearly understand the difference between the two and as a nail technician, it is a must. And even as a user, this will help you to choose the best for you. If you want to be a nail technician, you can visit Orane international academy and consult a counsellor.

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