Office Makeup Tips for The Professional in You!

Date: December 14, 2019

Office Makeup Tips

When you are dressing up for work, too much or too little can make a disastrous difference. Neither do you want to look like a China doll nor sloppy? 

So, here’s a handy guide to get you ready to roll for work by a Makeup Artist

Before you put any makeup…

Clean your face with a cleanser/face wash that suits your skin type. Follow it with a toner. 

Apply a face serum before you apply moisturiser. Depending on the weather where you live, use a thick or light moisturiser, gel, cream, or lotion based. Preferably use one with sunscreen. 

Now for the makeup…

Apply a concealer or a foundation that works as a concealer. Make sure to not apply too much or it will give a cakey look. Dab it more on dark circles and spots, and blend evenly. 

Alternatively, you can use a BB/CC cream. They are infused with sunscreen, moisturiser, and foundation, which works as an all-in-one. It also gives an even tone and makes for the perfect base for your make up. 

Next, work on the eyes…

You would ideally want to keep your eye makeup simple but well-defined. You could easily skip the shadow and stick to a simple stroke of a black/brown eyeliner or kohl and a light swish of mascara. If your workplace allows a little bold look, try a dark blue or a grey liner. If you must highlight the eyelids, dab a little of the blusher. It makes the eyelids look rosy but not made up.

Run the blusher on your cheekbones with a light touch. Go for nudes or pastels.

Lock it with the Lipstick…

Finish off your makeup routine with a lipstick that goes with your clothes, and the rest of the makeup. Preferably opt for matte shades in nudes or light pinks, so they stay longer and you don’t look overwhelming.


Remember, your makeup must match your work clothes and look apt for the daytime and yet, it has to be fast enough to fit into your rushed morning routine.

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