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Date: April 6, 2020

Do you love makeup and want to learn different hacks of makeup and hairstyle while sitting at home? Be it a beginner or expert, everyone loves to learn the viral makeup or style, especially ladies. And what could be the best way to learn while sitting at home and paying nothing.  Yes, we are talking about YouTube Channel that has largely expanded in the last couple of years. Subscribe to Orane YouTube channel to learn the different makeup and hairstyle at your doorstep.

This channel is all about beauty, hair, and makeup. Every trick or style shared on Orane YouTube channel is very descriptive, popular, and easy to learn, and perfect for makeup lovers and beginners. If you are passionate to learn popular beauty tricks, you don’t need to go anywhere just open this click and click on subscribe button and you can see our latest videos.

What You Can See in our YouTube Channel?

  • Makeup Tips/Tricks
  • Popular Hair Styles
  • Popular Beauty Courses
  • Why you should make your career in the beauty industry?
  • Students Testimonials
  • Career Inspiration by Mr. Dinesh Sood
  • Skill Education Importance

Our top 3 YouTube Videos to watch and learn

1. Orane International Best Institute of beauty and wellness: Dreams have no age, no class & no gender. They are for all. What we need is a guiding hand that gives wings to make them come true. Help yourself and your loved ones with their dreams. See the Video:

2.Orane International Best Beauty and Wellness Institute Showreel: With more than 75 campuses already in the country, and soon to go international, the chain of Orane Institutes has already transformed the lives of over 35,000 trainees, the majority being women, with our dedicated placement cell enabling them to find well-paying jobs in the beauty and wellness arena. See the Video:

3.Glorious Career in Beauty Industry: Join the fastest growing and largest beauty community. See the Video:

Watch our online YouTube videos and get inspired and learn something amazing and skillful. So, what are you waiting for? Just click on this link and subscribe Orane YouTube Channel now. If you have already decided and wanted to make your career in the beauty industry, please write us at info@orane.co to speak with our beauty experts for any of your queries regarding beauty course.

You can also drop your queries in the comment section and we will update you further. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn page for more beauty updates.

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