The Perfect Beauty Course: Orane’s Advanced Diploma in Aesthetics and Hair Designing

Date: July 28, 2023

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If you want to enroll in a complete beauty course that can set you up for success, then this blog is for you!

But why choose to become a skilled professional in the beauty sector? The skilled personnel requirement in India is going to go up in the coming years. As per the data published by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), India is likely to face a shortage of 29 million skilled personnel by 2030. The beauty industry can greatly help overcome this shortage.

Orane International has already contributed to skilling India by training thousands of skilled professionals in the beauty and nutrition industries in the last 15 years. Do you see being skilled as more important than just being educated? If yes, keep on reading!

Beauty is a domain that promises several career opportunities, allowing you to work as a professional. And getting employed in the job sector is not the only option, as you can start your own beauty business online and/or offline.

At Orane, we craft the journey of our students from being naive to specialists in training. The courses are designed for freshmen, and by the time they pass out, they are at Level 3 expertise. (For more information about what levels there are, please search for the National Skill Qualification Framework on the web.)

One such course that focuses on hair styling is “Advanced Diploma in Aesthetics and Hair Designing (ADHD). This course code is ODQ2, and it is of 12 months duration. It has been a top choice among several courses over the years. So why is this course so highly appreciated and loved? Let’s learn!  

Key Skills Covered Under the Advanced Diploma in Aesthetics and Hair Designing

Beauty Therapy

This course is divided into different skill components, and each one of these is divided into different skill levels. The beauty therapy segment starts with Basic Level 1, progressing to Basic Level II, and finally, Advance Level III.

At the end of level III, you will have gained the skills to perform the following:
  • Facial massage, toning and moisturising, exfoliation, and deep skin cleaning skills using a brush.
  • Basic manicure and pedicure; full body waxing.
  • Use facial machines confidently.

Career options

  • Pursue a career as a beauty therapist, offering a wide range of beauty treatments.
  • Work as manicurists and pedicurists, providing services like basic manicures and pedicures.
  • Become waxing specialists, offering clients effective and smooth hair removal solutions using different waxing techniques.
  • Work as a freelancer.
  • After gaining experience and enhancing their skills, professionals have the option to start their own businesses.

Hair Designing

This course is divided into Basic Level I, Basic Level II, and Advanced Level III, and by the time you have completed all the levels, you should be able to perform the following:

  • Hair-cutting for both males and females.
  • Perform hair analysis, provide consultation, and offer remedies using high-frequency machines.
  • Do different haircuts based on face shapes and perform advanced-level female haircuts like long shake, A-line BOB, etc.
  • Carry out various other tasks such as hair colouring, colour theory, product formulation, and hair treatments like hair rebonding, hair perming, hair keratin, etc.

Students can enroll in an advanced-level hair designing course called “Advance Diploma in Pro Hair Designing” after completing ADHD to get higher skills.

Career Options

This course is a good choice for students as it opens the gates for the following careers:

  • Pursue a career as a hairstylist, offering a wide range of haircuts, hairstyling, and hair treatments to clients.
  • Work as hair colorists, specialising in hair colouring techniques and providing personalised services to clients.
  • After gaining experience and enhancing their skills, students have the option to pursue freelance work or start their own hair salons.

Hair Styling

This segment of the ADHD beauty course skills the students on Basic Level I and Basic Level II. By the time you have completed both levels, you should be able to perform the following:

  • Confidently use thermal styling tools like straightening irons, crimpers, curling tongs, and hot rollers.
  • Perform multiple types of braiding techniques, front styles, and traditional buns on clients hair.
  • Become skilled enough to do front styling with twisting and puff styles.

This also opens the gate for them to enrol in an advanced-level hair styling course called “Certificate in Hair Styling,” available in Orane.

Career Options:

Since you will get to learn the skills of hair styling and, along with hair designing, you will have gained quite a good amount of practical experience and knowledge, you can pursue your career as

  • Hair stylists work in salons or as personal hairstylists for clients.
  • Work in the capacity of bridal hair stylists, focusing on creating stunning hairstyles for brides on their special day.
  • With expertise in various hair styling techniques, students can find work opportunities with models, actors, and celebrities for photo shoots, fashion shows, and film or television productions.

This also opens the gate for them to enroll in an advanced-level hair styling course called “Certificate in Hair Styling,” available in Orane International.


Nail Art

The Nail Art segment focuses on Level 1, where students acquire skills in nail artistry. With the completion of the course, you will be skilled to perform the following:

  • Gain proficiency in understanding nail shapes and making modifications to them, as well as skills to use nail polish applications.
  • Earn skills to perform various nail art techniques, including marble work, needlework, and glitter work.

Students looking to build their career purely as nail art and extension professionals or nail art technicians can also opt for advanced courses in Orane, which include Diploma in Nail Art & Extension and Spiloma in Nail Technician.

Career Options

  • Students can work as Nail Art Specialists, offering creative and artistic nail designs to clients.
  • Students looking to build their careers purely as nail art professionals To become nail art technicians, they can also opt for advanced courses in Orane, which include the Diploma in Nail Art & Extension and the Diploma in Nail Technician.

Mehndi Application

The Mehndi Application part introduces students to the art of applying henna and teaches and trains them on level II by the end of ADHD.

  • Gain proficiency in making cones, preparing the henna mixture, and applying intricate mehndi designs.
  • Become well versed in bridal styles and mehandi designing.

Career Options

  • Mehndi Artists can offer their expertise for weddings, festivals, and other special events.
  • Work as a freelancer or in salons offering services for Bridal Mehndi, catering to brides who require intricate and elaborate mehndi designs.

Is This Course Right for You?

If you envision yourself as a thorough beauty professional equipped with different skills such as creating stunning hairstyles, providing rejuvenating skin care treatments, and exploring the art of mehndi and nail artistry, this course is tailored to your aspirations.

This comprehensive programme covers training from Level I to Level III in two domains: beauty therapy and hair design, so for students particularly looking to build their careers in these two fields, it is a perfect choice.

While providing basic training in nail art and makeup up to Level 2, it paves the way for students to explore higher-level courses available at Orane itself. So, if, as a student, you envision a future as a skilled nail artist or a proficient makeup artist, this course opens doors to further specialisation and growth within the beauty industry, and you can take high-level courses from Orane itself.


The Advanced Diploma in Aesthetics and Hair Designing from Orane International offers an exciting path to a thriving career in beauty and aesthetics. Aspiring beauty enthusiasts will master the art of beauty therapy, hair designing, hair styling, nail art, mehndi application, and nutrition.

With diverse career options in salons, spas, and freelancing, graduates can elevate their expertise with higher-level courses. Embrace your passion and unlock a world of opportunities in the ever-evolving beauty industry with this perfect beautician course. Your journey to a glamorous future starts now! Contact us now at +91-8872500500.


What is the duration of the Advanced Diploma in Aesthetics and Hair Designing course?

The course has a duration of 12 months.

What does the Beauty Therapy component cover?

The Beauty Therapy component includes levels from Basic Level 1 to Advanced Level 3. It covers topics such as career opportunities, hygiene, skin physiology, facial treatments, and advanced cosmetic science.

What skills will I acquire in the hair designing component?

In the Hair Designing segment, you will learn about hair analysis, cutting techniques, hair colouring, and various hair styling methods using thermal styling tools.

Does the course provide training in Nail Art and Mehndi Applications?

Yes, the course offers training in Nail Art at Level 1 and Mehndi Application at Level 2, giving you valuable skills in both areas.

Can I pursue higher-level courses after completing this beauty course?

Absolutely! After completing the Advanced Diploma, you can explore higher-level courses available at Orane to specialise further in nail artistry or makeup artistry.

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