Professional Secrets to Avoid Damages From Hair Coloring

Date: January 21, 2020

Hair Color Tips

Hair coloring is indeed a great way to enhance your look and add some character to your hair. But it is enjoyable when your hair looks and feels healthy. This is more applicable when you are coloring at home by yourself. Even if you get your hair professionally colored, you still need to take enough care post coloring.

So, here are a few hacks straight from the professional hairstylists:

Avoid using sulfate-based shampoos.

Sulfates are harsh on your hair. But more so when your hair is colored because your hair is already laden with chemicals. Also, sulfates faster hair color fading. Always use a shampoo that is specifically meant for colored hair, since they contain color-protecting agents. 

Don’t wash your hair too often. 

Washing your hair frequently will not only strip off the color but also damage your hair faster. This is more valid for hair colored with brighter tints like reds, pinks, or blues. 

Go for regular haircuts. 

During the entire time that you have the color on your hair, make sure that you get a regular haircut. You do not always have to get a new style; just getting the ends trimmed will keep your hair healthy and promote regrowth. 

Consider hair reconstruction. 

With recent developments in hair technologies, there are options to repair and fortify your hair by reconstructing the bonds. This is more than necessary when you have colored your hair, and your strands are weakened. 

Get frequent deep conditioning. 

As the hair color penetrates your hair cuticles, they tend to weaken the strands, making them easily breakable and split. Hence, frequent deep conditioning treatment is much needed to nourish your hair and protect it from further damages. 

Always remember to seek professional help when coloring. Hair transformation is only worthwhile when your hair is well-nourished and free of damages. If hair coloring and hair treatments attract you to the world of beauty, then visit your nearest Orane Beauty Institute or call us at +91 8872500500 to know more about Hair Certification Courses.

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