Qualification Required to be a Beautician

Date: April 8, 2020

Standing in a hip salon, helping people look beautiful, earning enough for a comfy life… In case you’ve ever imagined yourself in that realm, you must explore this profession. Becoming a Qualified Beautician. And to do that, you will require a proper training and a nurtured talent to work as a beautician, rather a cosmetologist if we use a more professional term for this tremendously promising profession. A state-approved or recognised cosmetology training program is what you will need to join, where they will develop your skills, give you a hands-on experience and help you acquire adequate knowledge about an array of beauty products and services.

Being a cosmetologist is not just a woman’s province anymore as the number of male therapists is also on a rise thanks to a surge in male clientele. Which means, the beauty industry is really flourishing not only in India but all over the world. So, if you’re thinking of earning your share from this thriving billion dollars industry, you can read on and make it happen.

If someone asks you what does a beautician do, just in one line, here is what you can tell. “A beautician is a professional who is trained to apply their skills and knowhow in offering a variety of beauty services that every individual of any society regularly needs.”

There are of course, specializations available. Some beauticians develop a forte in hair – cutting, colouring, styling, straightening, blow drying and so on while some focus on beauty treatments and make overs. Here’s a thorough list of services that a beautician can provide. Hair removal (waxing – facial & body), facials including cleansing, massaging and toning the skin, manicures and pedicures, nail art services including nail extensions, acrylic nails, gel nails, eyebrow shaping, including threading and plucking, massages – aromatherapy, hydrotherapy etc, makeovers, bridal, party or shoots make up), and many other advanced skin treatments.

Qualification required to be a qualified beautician
You will need a minimum level 2 or level 3 qualification in cosmetology in case you wish to work as a professional in a good salon, spa or a high-end parlour. And you can do these levels after you pass out your high school. The duration of your course can be 1-2 years. However, for advanced learning, it may get extended. It also depends how the school you choose, has designed their courses. For details, it’s better to understand the prospectus of an established school in your town.

How to select your school
It is a crucial decision once you have made up your mind for this profession. It’s really important to ensure that that the beauty school or institute that you join, MUST be accredited by a recognised body. Otherwise big employers shall not recognise your qualification which means they will not hire you.

Education Details
A cosmetology course typically provides a well-rounded knowledge in hair, skin and nail care. Students learn how to cut, dye and style hair, as well as give manicures and pedicures. Courses may also include training students on skin treatments and makeup application. The beauty industry includes the use of several different chemicals, and students are given education about safety also while using these chemicals. As a cosmetology student you will also learn to identify different hair, skin and nail types and conditions.

Job Description
Although beauty professionals may have a specialization, such as nail care or facials, they can also perform a broad range of beauty practices. Beauticians style hair, apply makeup, analyse skin, prepare and apply skin treatments, give manicures and pedicures and provide clients with professional beauty advice.

Career and Remuneration
Career in the beauty industry can be a fulfilling and rewarding one. In case you become an entrepreneur then your remuneration purely depends on how well you handle your venture. You can earn a fortune or make a satisfactory and decent profit. Chances are very less that you’re not even able to make your ends meet in this profession. That can be the case only when you have done some serious blunders in the beginning of your career or you do not have the correct attitude to be an entrepreneur. Otherwise, in more than 99 percent cases, you will be making as much money from this profession as much you aspire or plan for.

As an industry, the beauty sector is ever-changing. New and innovative techniques and treatments are constantly being developed. There are several big manufacturers and brands that dominate the industry. So, like any career, understanding the market place is important in beauty industry too.

Being a beautician will also mean that your clients trust you to offer a range of services and they will trust you for keeping their treatments confidential. You will have to enjoy this profession as you will be working with people of different attitudes and different moods and situations at times. In such a profession what makes you successful is your passion for what you do and an attitude of helping them look and feel their best.

There is a great opportunity of expanding this profession into more specialist treatments such as electrolysis, laser therapy, and permanent or semi-permanent make up. You could also provide medical cosmetic treatments such as derma fillers. Offering advice on related topics such as skin care, hair care, make up, and possibly health and fitness too can also be developed as your forte in case you have a flair for becoming a consulting therapist. And in case you have great communication skills, you can be a successful Beauty Vlogger too.

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