Recent Innovations in Nail Art – Your Extended Fashion Accessory

Date: April 6, 2020

Nail Art has taken the world of fashion by storm in the past decade. Nails have become a statement-making fashion accessory for young girls as well as women. Social Media platforms have fuelled the craze for Nail Art amongst millennial fanbase of celebrities and artists. Depending on one’s mood, personal style or occasion, different women can be seen flaunting different Nail Art designs. Latest nail-art trends to hit the global fashion scene are wire nail art, mirror effect nail art, sunglass effect, incorporating beads, chains, and more to create stunning Nails.

With what started as Nail Art stickers and decals, the nail-art beauty segment has seen innovations at the drop of a hat. Digital Nails have come into the picture wherein clients can get the desired digital print at a nail salon in a matter of few minutes. On similar lines, Nail Stamping technique also lets one get complex nail designs painted systematically.

Airbrush Nail Art Technique is yet another innovation in the world of Nail Art for clients keen on getting duo-toned airbrush nails, intrinsic patterns, French tips, gradient or zebra designs, flames, and so on. Airbrush Nail Art lets creativity flow with minimal to no-dry time.

Sponge work, 3D Nails as well as Water Marble Nail Art are yet other popular Nail Art techniques used across the globe these days.

Nail Technicians have been using colorful stickers to the nails and then coating them in a veneer of gel to create a gemstone or crystal-like look. This technique is preferred over applying nail glue on real gemstones that can damage nail beds, not to mention the gemstone falloffs.

Gel extensions as well as Acrylic Nail extensions have innovated the way women transformed their nails in less than an hour’s time. Found in all shapes n sizes, gel and acrylic extensions really feel like your real-nail extensions. They can last over two weeks with all the daily chores at hand. Furthermore, unlike fake nails, these extensions do not require glue and are applied using LED light.

No wonder, Nail Salons have witnessed a steady increase in customer footfall, leading to a spur in the number of nail salons and demand for Nail Artists and Technicians. The worldwide market for nail polish is expected to reach $15.55 billion by 2024 registering a CAGR of 9.5%.

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