What you Require to be a Pro Bridal Makeup Artist

Date: April 7, 2020

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Weddings are a steady and great income source for makeup artists. Brides and close family members of brides and grooms really makes a great clientele. A professional makeup artist cannot just survive on this income alone, but also make a good fortune out of it. To do that, however, the makeup artist has to be enterprising, business savvy, a smart communicator, apart from being, of course, really pro at her basic job – the makeup. If you happen to have all these traits nothing can stop you from becoming an iconic and high-in-demand makeup artist and making a good lot of money.

The wedding day is one of the most cherished day for a bride. Brides love to be photographed and video graphed on their big days to keep their memories alive for life. For a life event of such great significance, most of the brides hire professional bridal makeup artists who can make them look beautiful for the occasion. They are in some cases also required to apply makeup to other members of the wedding party as well.

Mostly the brides prefer to meet with their makeup artist beforehand to discuss their needs. Even if they don’t, as a professional makeup artist you must ask for an appointment to understand the face, skin and more importantly the bride’s mind for what she is expecting from you as her makeup artist. That’s the reason, a career in this field also requires people skills, profound knowledge apart from being a capable artist.

Professional Training

While a degree or a diploma in cosmetology would be really advantageous, but it is not mandatory. However professional training from a reputed beauty school is a must. Courses in makeup artistry provide students with training in the techniques and tools that are used to apply cosmetics for such special occasions. Students discover how to create both glamorous and natural looks for brides. More importantly, it is in a professional training that a makeup artist learns to analyse their client’s skin and other facial feature so that a flawless makeup can be achieved covering the natural flaws.

A good Makeup Artistry Training must include business training also so that students can learn how to plan and operate their career successfully after passing out. Courses must be designed to teach the aspiring bridal makeup artist about marketing and portfolio building techniques as well.

Obtaining License

If you really looking at making it big as a pro makeup artist, you must obtain a licence or a certificate from a recognised beauty school as makeup and cosmetic applications are a part of cosmetology. The requirements for a cosmetology may vary in different parts of the world but it requires to complete a training program and pass a written examination. The licensing board may require the student to demonstrate cosmetology skills and sanitation practices on a practical examination.

Building a Portfolio

Having an impressive portfolio is very crucial for a bridal makeup artist. A portfolio means photographs your work as a makeup artist’s that can validate your expertise, talent and skill. What you have to do is, take good pictures as soon as your complete a bridal makeup. You can start doing this during your learning period whenever you’re given a task to show what you’ve learnt.

Making Tie Ups

Working out tie ups with other professionals involved in weddings is always beneficial. Especially tying up with professional bridal or fashion photographers can really prove to be a great move. If you succeed to do that you can use the photographs in their portfolios also for your marketing purpose.

Marketing your Services

Having an impressive business cards, and a brochure to showcase your work is the most essential tool to market your services to brides, especially when you are a self-employed professional. You can join wedding industry professionals’ associations and be a part of devoted directories for this industry. Social Media promotions are of course very much helpful in this profession if handled professionally.


Having an alliance with other professionals in the industry, such as wedding planners, photographers, and bridal costumes designers, etc. This will in a way help you create a kind of a lobby where each one promotes other for mutual growth and benefits.

Work on Your Appearance

Last but not the least, your own appearance shall also make a great difference. Always dress appropriately while going for a meeting with a prospective client or while going for the assignment. You must find the colour that suits you the best. Whatever colour you wear your clothing should be smart and nothing too short, nothing too low cut, nothing of the kind that you want to grab any attention. Keep your nails short and clean. Avoiding high heels, flashy jewellery is a big no. Do up your hair and makeup subtle, professional and simple.

Maintaining Right Attitude

You may be looking good that you should, and there may be people who will appreciate and compliment you. But remember, you are not supposed to be the star of the show. Rather you are there to make the bride look the best and steal all the attention. That’s the recipe for a successful career as a bridal makeup artist.

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