Skilled people are more successful, with or without a degree!

Date: April 6, 2020


“What is your last qualification?” The interviewer asked.

“A degree in mass media and communication,” Rahul said proudly. He was confident that the interview would turn out positive for him. What else could he have thought? He was only appearing for his first interview.

“Can you name a few skills that you possess that make you the best candidate for this job?” The second question hit Rahul like a brick on the head.

What skills do I possess? Rahul thought.

And today, two years down the line, without a stable job, he is still asking himself the same question. Sad but true! This is the case with today’s youth.

What does it mean to have a skill? How is it different from a degree?

A person is said to be skilled at performing a task when s/he can complete the task in an efficient manner. And the fact of the matter is that one can get skilled only by practicing. The more you practice, the better you get at the task. This is how you develop any skill.

So, if you enroll in a course like Diploma in Cosmetology or Diploma in Hair Designing from a Beauty and Wellness Institute where you get to practice these crafts rather than being bombarded with information from the books, then the chances of you getting skilled by the end of your course is very high.

On the contrary, when you just plan to own a degree, you may or may not end up skilled. A degree course may be 3-4 years long and at the end of it, chances are that you might not develop the skills required to manage in the work environment. In fact, a majority of students don’t develop the skills required for the job by the time they finish their degree courses. Just Imagine! Four years will pass by and you won’t have what it takes to do your job in an efficient manner. Shocking!

Vocational Courses save both time and money!


As mentioned above, a degree might take you years. On the other hand, how much time does it take to get done with a vocational course? By the time your friends get into second year of college, you will be earning your own livelihood. Isn’t it wonderful?

That is not it. You also save on money. Everyone knows about the massive sums of money that you have to pay to get into a degree college. Yes, parents take huge loans to enroll their kids into degree colleges. And at the end of the course, the children are not even skilled enough to land a job. You can avoid this by enrolling into vocational courses which need far less investment as compared to the expensive degree courses.

Orane – A beauty and wellness institute

Orane has the biggest network of cosmetology institutes in the country with training centers in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and many other cities. The training that you receive at these centers will transform you into a beauty and wellness professional who knows the in and out of his/her craft and more importantly, a professional who can perform the job in an efficient manner to earn a more than decent livelihood. From Diploma in Cosmetology to Diploma in Hair Designing, Orane offers a variety of courses for which training is provided by experienced professionals and skilled trainers. As Orane is internationally accredited from CIBTAC and CIDESCO, once you finish your training at Orane, you can also opt to travel abroad for practicing your skill there.

So, what do you want to be? A skilled professional? Or a degree holder who can’t even find a decent enough job? Orane welcomes you to explore the vast sea of opportunities available for skilled beauty and wellness professionals. The choice is yours!


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