Steps To Follow For Flawless Foundation Application

Date: February 6, 2020

Steps To Follow For Flawless Foundation Application

The purpose of the foundation is to give you the flawless skin and most of the foundations are capable of this. Not agree with me? It is not a foundation but a user who lacks good knowledge about choosing the right product and its application. A lack of makeup application skill can make even the finest foundation looks cakey and flaky after application.

A short personal grooming course can help you learn this skill perfectly. Now check out the basic steps to apply foundation flawlessly.

Start with a clean canvas

Applying foundation on oily and dirty skin can never give you a smooth finish. So starting with clean canvas is what you need to do. Always follow proper face skincare hygiene routine i.e cleanse, tone and moisturize daily and scrub once in a week. Even if you follow this regime, before applying anything on your face, cleanse it with mild face wash or cleansing water.

Prepare the canvas

After cleansing, prepare your face with moisturizer. Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, moisturization is a must. You can choose the type of moisturizer depending upon your skin type. Use light moisturizer if you have oily skin and vice versa. When you apply moisturizer before applying foundation, even the matte foundation works fabulously. Wait for 5-10 mins after applying moisturizer, so that it can get absorbed into your skin.

Apply foundation now

Now your skin is ready for foundation application. You can also apply color-correcting primer before foundation if you have dark circles and dark spots on your face. It gives good coverage. The other important factor to get a flawless and skin-like flawless finish is finding the correct foundation for you. It should be according to your skin type and skin color.

Always go for a medium coverage foundation. Take a small amount of foundation on your palm, use a brush to apply it on your face. Starting from the cheeks, forehead, chin, nose, and neck. Now it is time to blend.

Blend it nicely

Use sponge beauty blender for blending the foundation. But before you start blending, damp blender in warm water and then squeeze the water out of it. Now your blender is ready. Start blending with dabbing motion. Dabbing helps the foundation to get absorb in your skin nicely. Completely avoid wiping and smudging. The best thing about using a sponge blender is that it absorbs the extra foundation and helps in smooth application.

Set it with translucent powder

To set your foundation for a whole day, apply translucent powder over your T zone using a big fluffy brush. And lightly dab it all over your face and neck as well. Don’t do it in excess of it will create dry patches. So always remember ‘less is more.’

To conclude with we suggest you follow all these steps obediently and patiently to get a flawless look. Every step is important and should be done in the right way to get the best results. If you want to become an expert in makeup techniques, you can also join a short makeup course at Orane International.

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