Strong & invincible monsoon set hair

Date: July 5, 2022

Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby, but don’t let your hair compromise this rain. Hair is alluring and the most delicate part of the human body. Monsoon hair expert management & care tips can be a drag, but slight changes in your daily routine might help!

Ever thought of why hair fall occurs in the monsoon?

Due to the ample amount of persistent humidity in the environment, our hair follicles tend to trap more grime and dirt. Not only does the monsoon make hair brittle, but it also makes it frizzy and dull. Eventually, this causes excess hair to fall out.

You may adopt these hair care regimes suggested by Orane International as the best way to improve your hair health and prevent hair damage during the rainy season.

Keep your diet right!

When it comes to hair and nail care, consuming a good diet can make a sweeping change. Diet plays a crucial role as the body grows according to the food you consume. A rich diet including walnuts, curd, eggs, and other dairy products will be sufficient for a person to meet daily protein requirements.

Don’t let your hair be exposed to rainwater.

The rainwater is usually dirty and sometimes acidic too. It’s better to cover your hair with a scarf or take an umbrella whenever going out in the rain. When the rain is unexpected, no one can save you from hair damage in those times, so don’t forget to wash your hair as soon as you get home.

Get instant salon treatment.

Time for salon-fresh hair! If you see no glimmer of hope left to treat your frizzy hair, then it might be the right time for an expert consultation. Deep conditioning treatments during the monsoon hydrate hair roots, and for this purpose, keratin treatments from a certified hair professional by Orane are an excellent option for this monsoon. Make sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner after keratin treatment.


Tender loving care for your hair! No one knows your hair better than you do. Figure out what all suits your hair and what doesn’t.

Remember these hair essentials:

  1. Regular oiling
  2. Masking
  3. Washing
  4. Conditioning
  5. Avoid heat damage and prefer air drying.

The bottom line

The hair styling industry is a diverse profession, whether, in fashion or hair care, the need for professional hair stylists is everywhere. Those who are passionate about this career have very sensible thoughts. To make it possible, enroll in Orane International’s Hair and Makeup Artist Certification Course and become a professional hair stylist and your own hair guide.

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