The Broccoli Haircut: A Curly Twist on Style

Date: April 9, 2024

Ever stare at your lunch and think, “Hey, that broccoli could be a total vibe?” Well, my friend, welcome to the wild world of Gen Z trends, where even vegetables are getting a starring role in the form of haircuts! Yep, you heard that right. The Broccoli Haircut is a thing, and it’s actually pretty darn cool (don’t worry, you won’t look exactly like a miniature broccoli tree).

So, what exactly is this broccoli cut? Imagine this: shaved sides and back like a freshly picked broccoli stalk. Up top?

It won’t give you the nutritional value of broccoli vegetables, but you will achieve a trendy hair look with a full head of glorious curls, like a crown of florets. It’s a modern twist on the classic bowl cut but way cooler (and less likely to give you flashbacks to elementary school picture day).

Why is The Broccoli Haircut Taking Over Social Media?

This unique style has exploded in popularity thanks, in part, to the amazing world consisting of TikTok (in the USA), Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, and it’s literally all over social media. Think of all those heartthrobs you see dancing and making funny skits—many rocking the Broccoli cut. Big celebs like K-pop star Jungkook of BTS have given this style serious popularity. Jungkook of BTS  got the “wet mop” cut. Which is nothing but The “broccoli” haircut.

Jungkook wet mop haircut

But why “broccoli,” you ask? Let’s face it: the curly hair on top resembles a head of broccoli florets. Plus, the style has a definite K-pop vibe, focusing on texture and volume. Some folks even call it “Zoomer’s Perm”—a playful nod to the generation rocking it and the slight perm-like quality of the curls.

Different Styles for Broccoli Styled Haircuts

The beauty of the broccoli cut is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation, and it’s suitable for both men and women. Here are a few different ways to rock this veggie-inspired look:

  • The Conventional Broccoli Hairstyle: This is the most basic version. For this, you need to shave the sides as closely as possible and let the curls on top flourish. A little hairspray can help keep things in place.
  • Short Broccoli with Taper Fade: Clean-cut but playful, this style features short curls on top that gradually transition into a tapered fade on the sides. Perfect for college guys who want a charming and manageable style.
  • The Bird’s Nest: This one’s for the wild and free spirits! It features tousled curls that might even cover the forehead for a carefree look.
  • Full Broccoli Cut with Fade: This is a modern take on the Broccoli Cut with a mid-skin fade on the sides and back. Use a curl-enhancing cream and brush your curls forward to create a heavy fringe and add definition.
  • Artistic Broccoli Cut: This option lets you unleash your creativity! Start with the classic broccoli base, but keep the top longer and add a unique design to the sides for a truly personalized touch.

It is Your New Low-Maintenance BFF

Here’s the best part about this fantastic haircut: it’s super low-maintenance! No more need to spend hours wrestling your hair into submission with a blow dryer and a million styling products. This haircut is all about embracing your natural texture.

Tips to Keep Your Broccoli Cut Looking Fresh

  • Love the Curls: The key to rocking this style is embracing your natural curls. Use a curl-enhancing cream or leave-in conditioner to define your curls and keep them from frizzing.
  • Air Dry is Your Friend: Ditch the blow dryer! Letting your hair air dry will help maintain the natural curl pattern and volume.
  • Find a Good Stylist: Even though it’s low-maintenance, a good haircut is still important. Find a stylist who understands curly hair and can help you achieve the perfect Broccoli Cut for your face shape and hair type.

Why You Should Give the Broccoli Cut a Try

So, why should you consider getting a haircut in Broccoli shape? Here are a few reasons:

  • Be a Trendsetter: This haircut is definitely unique and eye-catching. Be the guy who breaks away from the norm and rocks a style that’s all your own.
  • Low Maintenance: This haircut lets you sleep in and still look good. No more spending hours styling your hair in the morning – just wake up and go!
  • Express Yourself: This haircut has a cool and playful vibe. It’s a great way to show off your personality and let the world know you’re not afraid to try something new.

The Broccoli Haircut: A Playground for Aspiring Stylists

Mastering the different variations of Broccoli styles is a valuable skill for any hair stylist. Want to learn how to bring this veggie-inspired look to life along with other trendy haircuts?  Look no further than Orane International Beauty Schools! Our professional courses equip you with the skills and knowledge to create a variety of stylish haircuts, including the ever-popular Broccoli Cut. 

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the Broccoli Haircut isn’t just a hairstyle; it’s a statement. From its playful origins to its versatility in styling, this trend has captured the imagination of a generation. Whether you opt for the classic look or put your own spin on it, it offers a fresh take on self-expression. With its low-maintenance charm and undeniable cool factor, it’s a hairstyle that invites you to embrace your individuality with confidence. So why not give it a try? After all, in a world where trends come and go, the Broccoli Cut stands out as a fun and daring choice that’s sure to turn heads and spark conversations.

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