The Early Onset of Monsoon: Foods that You must Avoid

Date: April 6, 2020

Monsoon is the most awaited season in India. After scorching hot days everyone waits for few tiny drops that sprinkle on our head and give us a cooling sensation from the stinky sweat. The other thing, which comes to our mind after hearing the word monsoon is “Chai with Pakodha”. Nothing can beat the flavour of hot ‘Pakodhas’ and ‘Chai’ while getting wet in the rain or looking at those pearl drops from the balcony.

The temptation to dig into comfort foods gives the relief and most satisfying feeling. But do you know, it invites some bacterial infections too as temperature in monsoon contains humidity?  Choosing a wrong food could strike our health.

However, one extra step (looking at the daily intake) can prevent us from a myriad of diseases that helps to utmost enjoy the rain and shower. Let’s take a look at the food items that you must avoid during monsoon.

1. Green Leafy Vegetables:

You must have heard the importance of green leafy vegetables in our diet. However, during monsoon you should avoid the leafy vegetables like Spinach, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Fenugreek leaves etc. Because these are grown in swamp and crud areas that are loaded with dirt, viruses, fungus, and bacteria. It’s easy for worm to enter into them and make us infected. Instead, you can go for pungent vegetables like bitter gourd and apple gourd (tinda). So, let’s avoid these leafy vegetables from our diet plan in this monsoon.

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2. Street Foods:

As the monsoon arrives, you can find many street hawkers carrying Samosas, kachoris, egg rolls, fruit chats, indo-Chinese fast foods, panipuris, chilli chickens and many more. Any food that had a long exposure to the monsoon air must be avoided. As this weather is high in humidity and it slow down the digestion system and hence a body can be easily affected by street foods. Try to consume the homemade food only and immediately grasp the cut fruits.

Orane - Street Foods

3. Fizzy Drinks:

Fizzy drinks like pepsi, coca-cola, mountain dew, limca etc. Reduce mineral levels in our body, which in turn leads to reduce enzyme activity. Because, digestion system gets so weak during monsoon, carbonated drinks or fizzy drinks should replace with simple water or ‘nimbu paani’.  You can also simply stick to warm beverages like ginger tea.

Orane - Fizzy Drinks

4. Mushrooms:

Mushrooms are the most favourite food option of vegans in monsoon. However, they are grown in damp soil, grime areas, unhealthy and unhygienic places and hence carry the higher risks of waterborne, airborne and bacterial diseases.

Be totally wise during this monsoon for your eating habits. In most cases, people got infected very easily. Somehow, it also depends on our digestive system how fast it reacts on our eating styles. Nevertheless, you don’t take it lightly even if you have a strong digestion system. Plan your diet with dieticians if you have certain health issues. You can also drop your query related to health and food in comment section and our experts will call you back.

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