The Hidden Dangers of Unorganized Beauty Training: Why Certification Matters

Date: August 10, 2023

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Imagine this: You’re ready to jump into the fascinating world of beauty, eager to become a skilled professional. The path ahead seems exciting, but there’s a twist. Unorganized training might seem like a quick way, but it is often offered by small salons or individuals running them.

This can happen to many aspirants, as a source estimated in 2020 that India’s unorganized beauty care and salon sector makes up 72% of the overall sector. Things have mostly stayed the same since then.

You might be drawn to it, but it lacks an important part: certification. Would you agree if someone suggested you take a different path and join a professional beauty school in this case? Maybe you wouldn’t!

But that’s not the right approach, and finishing a professional course from a trustworthy institute is a better choice. But why? Let’s explore this.

Reasons to choose certification from a reputable Beauty Institute


I. Professional Certification Opens Doors to Exciting Opportunities

  1. Access to Top Positions: If you dream of working with known brands like Lakme, Revlon, and even smaller players, you’ll need a professional certificate. Certified professionals stand out in the competitive job market, as their training shows a commitment to excellence.
  2. Learning from the Experts: Certified courses allow you to learn from experienced professionals who have improved their skills through years of practice. These mentors offer insights, techniques, and industry secrets that can’t be copied in unorganized training setups.
  3. Diverse Skills: Professional courses empower students with complete training across various areas – hair, nails, and skincare to makeup. This versatility improves career options, letting graduates succeed in many parts of the beauty industry.

II. Building Strong Foundations: From Dream to Reality

  1. Complete Curriculum: Reputable beauty institutes offer organized and complete training programs that cover a wide range of skills and techniques. This all-around education equips you with the tools needed to do well in different parts of the beauty industry.
  2. Hands-On Experience: Professional beauty institutes give hands-on training to students through practical training, salon setups, live demonstrations, and real interactions with clients. These real-life experiences allow students to use what they’ve learned and enhance their skills in various beauty techniques. This makes sure they are well-prepared for real-life situations in their future careers.
  3. Help with Government Loans and Programs: A certification from a known training institute like ours, backed by NSDC, helps you get government loans and benefits via different schemes. This is because many government loans and programs require professional certification. For more details on the Government of India’s loan programs for skilled professionals, please visit this page.

III. Beyond Borders: Opportunities Around the World

  1. International Recognition: Certifications from established institutes are recognized locally and internationally. This opens the door to exploring opportunities in different countries and cultures. For example, Orane is a member of the UK’s CIBTAC and Switzerland’s CIDESCO, helping you build trust with clients and get good positions in the beauty industry around the world.
  2. Networking and Placement: Reputable institutes often have a broad network of alumni and industry connections. These connections can help with national and international partnerships and career placements.


In the ever-changing world of beauty, where trends and methods are always evolving, selecting certified training sets you up for success in the long term. While unorganized training might promise quick results, it often falls short of providing the needed base and industry recognition.

Choosing a reliable institute like Orane International ensures you get a complete education, learn from the best, and open doors to exciting opportunities. So, when you start your beauty journey, remember that certification isn’t just paper; it’s your guide for a bright and recognized future.

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