The Road to Financial Freedom: How Orane International Fuels Franchise Business Growth

Date: August 2, 2023

photo is about how How Orane International Fuels Franchise Business Growth
photo is about how How Orane International Fuels Franchise Business Growth


Financial freedom is the dream of every aspiring entrepreneur. The idea of running a successful business, achieving prosperity, and enjoying the rewards of hard work is an enticing prospect.

 Franchise business models are perfect for achieving financial freedom as they provide a proven roadmap to success, significantly reducing the risks associated with starting a business from scratch. 

 Under this business model, franchisees buy licences to use the franchisor’s exclusive knowledge, infrastructure, brands, and trademarks to run their businesses. The franchisee also has access to the brand’s devoted customer base, and creative team, and receives training assistance. All of these combine to give you high and continuous returns on your investment

 According to statistics from the Economic Times, the Indian franchise market is anticipated to grow to USD 140-150 billion in the coming 4–5 years as a result of an increase in consumer spending and an increase in franchise opportunities, therefore , this business model is secure. 

Orane International, a pioneer in beauty institute franchising, offers a clear and structured path that empowers franchisees to attain their financial goals in the booming beauty education sector. With Orane by your side, you can confidently embark on a journey towards entrepreneurial success and financial independence.

How Becoming an Orane Franchise Takes You Towards Financial Freedom 


  • The Beauty Sector Skill Advantage with Orane International

Franchising in the beauty skill sector presents a world of opportunities. India is emerging as a global superpower; however, in terms of skilled professional actors, it has a long way to go. About 4 years ago, in an article in the Times of India, it was revealed that only 1 in 5 workers can be classified as ‘skilled’, in India. This demand is steadily increasing. The beauty sector is hugely popular. And providing the skiing population with the right skills for this sector is a huge opportunity in itself, and this is where joining hands with Orae is beneficial for you. 

 With a legacy of over 15 years and the title of India’s largest beauty chain with more than 120  institutes, Orane offers franchisees a proven path to success.

  • Orane’s Proven Business Model

Central to the success of any franchise is a well-established and proven business model. Orane International provides its franchisees with a refined and time-tested blueprint for success. 

 By following Orane’s business plan, franchisees reduce risks and fast-track their journey to profitability. The structured approach ensures that franchisees can focus on building their businesses without the uncertainties that accompany starting from scratch.

  • Low Investment, High Returns: Orane’s Edge for Franchisees

For aspiring entrepreneurs, the idea of starting a business with a low upfront investment and the promise of high returns is a game-changer. Moreover, franchise businesses tend to be more successful than many other business models. The same was mentioned in a report that revealed that 20% of independent businesses closed after two years, while 92% of franchisees were still going strong after two years.

Orane International offers exactly that advantage. With a lower initial investment compared to building a beauty institute from scratch, franchisees can conserve capital, allocate resources efficiently, and stay afloat while continuously tasting success. 

  •  Comprehensive Training and Support: Equipping Franchisees for Growth

Orane International believes that the success of its franchisees is intertwined with the quality of training and support they receive. Through comprehensive training and operational guidance, Orane equips its franchisees with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the beauty education sector. Franchisees gain access to the franchisor’s operations manual, syllabus, and continuous support, ensuring they are well-prepared to navigate the challenges of running a skill training centre successfully.

  • Marketing Expertise Support: Boosting Visibility and Attracting Students

In today’s competitive market, effective marketing is crucial for attracting students to any skill centre. Orane International understands this and takes marketing support to the next level. Orane takes charge of national online and offline advertising, creating brand awareness on a larger scale. Additionally, franchisees receive well-crafted marketing materials and guidelines to enhance their local marketing efforts. This strategic approach boosts the visibility of Orane franchises and positions them as trusted and sought-after destinations for beauty education and skilling.

  • Special support for women entrepreneurs

Recognising the unique challenges faced by women in business, Orane goes the extra mile to offer tailored support and encouragement to women entrepreneurs looking to venture into beauty institute franchising. By providing specialised training, mentorship, and resources, Orane ensures that women are well-equipped to succeed as franchisees.

To further empower women entrepreneurs, Orane International extends exclusive discounts on franchise fees. This move is a testament to Orane’s commitment to gender diversity and fostering women’s participation in the entrepreneurial landscape. 

  • HR Support: Securing High-Quality Manpower for Excellence

In the world of beauty education and skilling, having optimal and quality manpower is crucial. Orane International recognises the importance of maintaining high-quality manpower at each franchise location. By selecting skilled individuals who align with the brand’s values and commitment to quality education and skill development, the centralised HR department of Orane plays a  crucial role in ensuring that each franchise maintains a team of professionals dedicated to delivering top-notch skills.

Conclusion: Empowering Franchisee Growth with Orane International

 Embarking on the journey to financial freedom through franchising requires a supportive and reliable partner. Orane International stands as an unparalleled authority in beauty institute franchising, providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed. With a proven business model, extensive training, marketing expertise, and ongoing support, Orane fuels franchisee growth and paves the way to financial independence.

 If you are ready to achieve financial freedom through the beauty education sector, partner with Orane International today. Take the next step towards your entrepreneurial dreams and explore the world of franchising with confidence and assurance. Experience the power of Orane International and unlock your path to financial success. To start our journey or if you have any queries, call us at +91-7341117097 or send mail to franchiselead@orane.com 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why is the franchise business model perfect for financial freedom?

Answer: The franchise model offers a proven path to success, with access to the franchisor’s knowledge, infrastructure, brands, and customer base, ensuring high returns on investment.

Question: How does Orane International support women entrepreneurs?

Answer: Orane provides specialised training, mentorship, and resources to empower women in beauty institute franchising. Exclusive discounts on franchise fees further encourage their entrepreneurial journey.

 Question: How does Orane assist franchisees in securing high-quality manpower?

Answer: Orane maintains a centralised HR department, ensuring talent acquisition, onboarding, and staff training for top-notch education and skill development.



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