The Secret Guide to Innovation in Beauty and Wellness Industry

Date: April 6, 2020

The beauty industry is rapidly growing; in India, as well as all over the globe. Beauty salons are now serving a larger clientele with rising beauty awareness, and the entire spa and wellness market is experiencing a revolution. The number of investors is growing, and well-known international names in beauty are contributing in various ways to the salon industry in India.

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New brands have emerged with an array of different styling products. The past few years have also seen new in-salon products being launched for cross-selling. All these instances are witness to the dynamic and ever-evolving beauty industry.

Let’s take a detailed look at some of the innovations that the spa and wellness industry has come up with in the recent past!

New Products, Tools and Equipment

Earlier, not everyone was conscious about using high-quality, reliable equipment and tools. However, today beauty service providers, salons and spas ensure that they use premium styling tools and brushes. Roots Professional introduced an electric foot filer recently, which they claim is doing pretty well. Some big salons sell their own products to capture market share and meet customer expectations.

Mushrooming of Academies

Beauty and wellness institutes have now mushroomed all over the country. Institutes such as Orane provide top-notch education courses in cosmetology, skin care, nails, hair styling, spa services and more. With short as well as long-term courses available to choose from, students can select the right programme that suits their time, requirements and budget.

Development in E-Commerce Websites

Earlier, only top brands sold their products on e-commerce websites. In the past few years, however, lots of cosmetic, skin care, hair colouring and tool brands have been seen reaching out to their customers directly on e-commerce websites. Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. have stocked up on a wide assortment of beauty products from a range of big and small brands for customers to pick from.

Beauty Shows and Exhibitions

With the evolution of the industry, professional beauty exhibitions have popped up and spread all over India. Along with well-established salons, spas and academies, lots of new names have entered the beauty shows too. A popular example of a brand which has made its presence across shores is Iconic.

Getting Smart with Apps

Yes, you’ve probably heard of this innovation, and you may even be using one yourself. Various brands have launched their own make-up apps, to connect better with their customers and even encourage them to try some of their products. Users can take their picture on the phone, then try various looks using different styles of makeup from the app database and create the perfect look.

Services That Have a ‘Cool’ Approach

Gone are the days when wellness meant plain old healthy eating, exercise and rest. Now with services like yoga available on every street corner, everyone wants to stay fit, but in an innovative way. Zorba: A Renaissance Studio asks its customers to ditch the traditional asana mat. Instead, you can opt for yoga with a basketball, a rope, in a swimming pool, or even with your dog.

The secret to growth of any industry is innovation and salon industry in India is no exception to this rule. Especially in interesting times such as these, where technological innovation is at its peak and more and more people are becoming tech-savvy, there’s no reason why our wellness industry should be left behind. Right?

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