This Holiday Season, Give Someone the Gift of Skill Education with Orane International

Date: April 6, 2020

Holiday season is in the air and stores are loaded with a myriad of gift items. People love to exchange gifts with their loved ones. Some people believe to celebrate these special days by helping out in communities and charities. They give gifts loaded with love, sweets, and many other useful things on such occasions. Isn’t it good to find the happiness in others enjoyment? Tell me, what would be the best gift to offer to your loved one or such people for this Holiday season. Here I come with the thought to gift ‘skill education. Yes, Skill Education is the best thing which can boost the confidence of any person and help them to become self-dependent.

Just look around, you will find thousands of people who are dependent because they are not educated or could not complete their education or they don’t know what to do. According to a research, 179.6 million people live below the poverty line or they don’t have resources to earn. So, why not do something special, something unique this holiday season. Once again, I will say Gift Skill Education. I bet no one can ever forget this wonderful gift.

In this mission, Orane International Institute of Beauty and Wellness is standing with you. With a mission of empowering more than 2 lakh youth and women of India, Orane is committed to employ the highest standard of qualitative practices in all spheres of skill development. Do you know, we need 1 crore 43 lakhs beauty artists including a hairdresser, makeup artist, spa therapist alone in India?

Our CEO, Mr. Dinesh Sood, has always emphasized on the importance of Skill education. In his recent career messages, he clearly defines the importance of learning skills that can support your inner passion.

Similarly, you can help people around you with the gift of Skill Education by enrolling them in any 6 or 12 months course so that they can do job in India or outside India as well, or open their salon. Even with Orane, you can help people to take benefits of various skill development programs like NSDC, Skill India, PMKVY, DDU_GKY, and MES.

Believe me, it would be the most valuable gift that you can gift your loved one or people who actually need it. So, let’s come up with the certain target to help someone this holiday season. Ask your friends and loved one to join this mission and let’s make this holiday season something very special, very unique. Share your thoughts in the comment section and also tell me for which you have helped or wanted to help.

For more queries related to NSDC and Skill India programs especially for underprivileged or how you can help, talk to our beauty counselors at 8872500500 or write us at info@orane.co. stay tuned to the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube page of Orane International for more beauty updates.

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