#TomboyChronicles : Add Volume to your Eyelash, Flutter them right!

Date: May 26, 2020

Eyelash extension

As you age, the volume of your eyelashes or the length takes a hit, the skin starts losing its moisture and hormones see a change, slowing down the hair regrowth, including that of eyelashes. There are other extrinsic factors as well which may lead to thinning eyelashes, such as excessive rubbing of eyes, not removing eye makeup properly at the end of the day.

With the following easy tricks you can regain the length as well as strength of the hair of eyelash.

  1. Boost the growth: There are various over-the-counter lash serums available in the market or one might use an ear bud to gently apply little olive oil or castor oil and leave it overnight. You may choose to massage it over your eyebrows as well.
  2. Increase the volume: Primer is another way of adding volume to your lashes. Apply a primer to your lashes before applying mascara, it also helps mascara stay on for longer.
  3. False Eyelashes: Over the years, a variety of options of false eyelashes are available in the market, ones which can be pasted with glue or are easy to wear magnetic ones. These are available in pairs or singles with varying texture of material used.
  4. Magnetic Eyelashes: If you have ever tried wearing a falsie with glue, you would know how tough it is to wear them without making mess. Magnetic Eyelashes are a welcome invention in the world of falsies as they are very easy to put on. The magnet on the base of the lashes stick them together and keep them in place. They look perfectly natural and are very easy to remove.
  5. Eyelash extension: You can also opt to get eyelash extensions done at a professional salon, wherein they glue one hair at a time to your natural eye lashes. They last for upto 2 months but shall need a few salon visits for maintenance as well as removal. They are definitely costlier than other options.
  6. More coats of Mascara: Another trick for getting your lashes right is by putting 2-3 coats of mascara in an even stroke, this shall give better definition. However remember ensuring no lumps are there on the mascara brush.
  7. Add lash curls: You may use a lash curler to add curls on your eyelash tips, after mascara would dry up, the curls will be set.

Flutter em long, flutter em strong, flutter em right!

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