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Date: April 24, 2020

nail arts

Yep, the nails are one separate topic in beauty with many blogs dedicated them. How to care for them or how to color them right or so on.. the list is long!

For experts, enroll for the dedicated Nail courses at Orane for indepth knowledge of the subject.

Rest, the amateurs like me, checkout these easy tricks & tips :

End the struggle with borders! Are you finding to stay inside the line while painting? Easy one, grab any adhesive or glue, paint your skin on the outside of your nails. Now you can color your nails and let them dry up. Once they are dry, carefully peel off the adhesive and off shall come the errant paint.

Dry em quicker! Are you too impatient to sit around and let your nail paint dry off? This one shall help. Take a bowl of water and put ice cubes in it, now paint your nails and after a minute immerse them in the ice cold water and seconds later you shall be good to go!

Matte finish to your nail paint : Transform any of your normal nail paint into the chic matte finish in two easy ways. One, put a pinch of cornflour into the nail paint bottle and stir it with a tooth pick and you shall have a matte finish.

Or you may simply paint your nails with normal paint, boil some water in a pan and let your nails face the pan with steam blowing on them. This shall leave a fine matte look behind.

Glitter ‘em right! : Ever tried putting glitter coats on your nail? The extra garnish tends toget smudgy and not clear and consistent. Follow these steps to glitter it right.

Put on a coat of nail paint of any solid color which matches the glitter one. Take a cosmetic sponge, paint it with the glitter nail paint in a shape bigger than the size of nail and dab it on the nail. Only the glitters will stay on the nail, the excessive garnish shall be absorbed by the sponge. When satisfied, paint a coat of clear paint.

Easy fix for chipped nails : Chipped a nail just a night before your big day? No worries, just grab a tea bag, remove the tea leaves inside and cut a very small piece of the paper of tea bad. Paint it with an adhesive and put it on the chipped bit of nail. Paint away!

Whiten those nails! An easy trick to whiten your yellowed nails at home is by putting toothpaste on your nail and use a nail brush (or normal brush) to rub the nail. Leave it on for 5 mins and see your nails sparkle white.

Easy stencil for nail art : Take a plastic rubber and tie a naught in the middle. Now wear the smaller end of tied-up rubber band on your nail and wear the other end on your thumb to hold it there. Paint away on the outer edge of the nail. Remove the band after the paint dries up and add a clear coat of paint on the nail.

Get a polka print on your nail : Put on a solid colored nail paint on your nail, then you can use a bobby pin to draw little dots on your nails. After drying them up, put on another clear topcoat.

Nail polish remover jar : Take a glass jar, put in a sponge inside it. Pour enough amount of nail polish remover into the jar. Now whenever you would want to clear your nail paint, you just dip your nails in the sponge.

Water marble nail art : Follow the easy steps :

1. Pour cold water in a cup
2. Put a drop of nail paint, maneuver it around with a tooth pick
3. Add a drop of another nail paint if you like.
4. Once satisfied with the texture, carefully place your nail on the texture and pull it out.
5. Once dried, put a clear topcoat.

Use loofah as a stencil! Don’t throw away your old loofah rather use it as a stencil for nail art. You can make a scaley design using a loofah. Paint a coat of solid colored nail paint and let it dry. Hold the loofay on your nail and use a painted sponge to dab another color on the top of the nail, and there you shall have a fine finish of scaley design.


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