#TomboyChronicles : Customer Handling Tips.. the banana or pesky ones!

Date: April 16, 2020

Customer handling tips

Yes, the beauty industry is just as magical and mystical as it is complex thanks to the diverse clientele portfolio being served. The salon seek to hire beauty professional not only boasting of a long list of formal qualifications but also ones with 360 degree appeasing personalities (who come adept with handling all kinds of customers).

With the onset of digital age, the customers don’t think twice before putting in bad review for service provided, so it becomes imperative to have a knack of customer handling. There is no limit to the extent of creativity a beauty artist can exhibit and experiment for at a salon, but one rude customer is all it takes to ruin the day!

Here is a list of ‘difficult client’ you may bump into and ‘how to handle them’:

1) The Rude-Tactless Client :

This type of clients are the toughest nuts to crack, they tend to resort to shouting if made to wait long or get aggressive if they are unhappy with the results.

How to handle? Remember watching out for their body language, understand their expections and instructions, handle them very professionally. In case of complaint, hear them out patiently. You may offer another stylist in your place if things get out of hand. Or you may refer them another salon altogether.

2) The Whimper-y or Cry-Baby Client :

These are perfectionists, having problem with everything you offer, either the shape of brow is too thin or thick or the hair steps are not right or a curl is out of place. They would always complain. Your pace won’t matter as these are the frustrated and unhappy lot themselves.

How to handle? Remember being patient and attentive to their expectations, compassionately hear out their instructions and try to give them the best result you can.

3) The Consistently-Late Client :

Frankly, we have all encountered a few of such types, who always have an excuse or another for their late coming. Ofcourse, once or twice, there may be a genuine reason for their late arrival. However, you shouldn’t allow repeated occurrence as this upsets your entire appointment calendar, delaying the appointments of punctual clients as well.

How to handle? For such clients, first mark your database and remember giving them a reminder call 10 mins prior to their scheduled appointment. This shall either remind them to come on time or give you clarity whether they shall be coming at all. Be honest with such habitual late comers, explaining how their habit impacts your entire calendar. You may make them wait for them to remember being on time for next appointment.

4) The Last-Minute-Canceller Client

This kind of clients usually take an appointment in advance and cancel 10 minutes before scheduled appointment.

How to handle? Ofcourse such type of clients would have an endless list of excuses but remember marking them on your database and informing them that they have been blacklisted by you for failure to show up. A cancellation policy, advocating forfeiting any advance paid for booking shall also help.

5) The I-Know-It-All client

The fashionistas in their own right, these can be the most painful type of clients. They pretend to know it all and would feel the offered service standards are inadequate, no matter how hard you try to appease and satisfy them.

How to handle? Perform a thorough consultation, understand their expectation and share your realistic feedback as to what extent you can match the outcome to their expectation. Ofcourse the buzzwords are ‘be calm’ & ‘be patient’.

6) The Shy-Indecisive client

Some client may be the shy or silent type, ones who take time to open up and share their expectation. These type of clients, if satisfied are the most loyal customers you shall have.

How to handle? Don’t be too intimidating or overbearing with such clients and don’t rush them. This type of clients may be indecisive too so provide them thorough consultation on the service asked for.

7) The Creepy Client :

Every beautician has come across such kind of client who try to make sexual advances or crack sexual jokes.

How to handle? In such scenario, your safety comes first. Be very assertive and shut down their behavior immediately. If you feel unsafe, then you should immediately summon your manager or even call in police, if required.

8) The Loud Client :

Some clients may fall in this category, they chat away loudly on their phone unaware of how uncomfortable they are making your other customers. Or some may bring their kids along and leave the little urchins with your staff to babysit.

How to handle?
One possible and amicable solution to handling such clients is displaying a sign board telling them to be silent. Or you may subtly mention the clients to not bring kids along for their next appointment.

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