#TomboyChronicles : During Quarantine, Take a Break From Carbohydrates.. The Right Way..

Date: April 6, 2020

Quarantined? So is the world.

And it is just the right time to #detox. However, taking a break from carbohydrates by eating lots of salad is NOT the guaranteed means of losing weight! The mathematics here is to get the ingredients right so that the calorie count is adequate and the salad is satisfying enough to keep you full for long.

The salad should have the right mix of flavors, nutrients, be low on fats and just the right combination of colors! Try to experiment on different combinations fearlessly.

1) Choose the right greens: The base of your salad should be leafy green like lettuce, spinach, cabbage, etc which are soft and crisp and low-caloried.

2) Colorful mix of veggies: Add a choice of roasted or raw veggies of listed color groups :

– Red group: Diced tomatoes, grated carrots, chopped onions, beet roots, red bell peppers to name a few.

– Yellow and white: Choice of pulses, diced radishes, baby corn, yellow peppers, chopped mushrooms, cauliflowers, yellow beets or yellow tomatoes.

– Blue or purple shaded: Purple cabbage, purple bell peppers, eggplant or purple potatoes.

– Green group: Thinly sliced cucumbers, diced celery, broccoli, green onion, green tomatoes and the list goes on.

3) Fats which are “healthy”: Remember that a salad without fats shall not be filling enough to keep you from indulging again! So find the right fats to lace up your salad. Few being Avocado (2 spoons max), Olives, Olive oils, Seeds (pumpkin, sunflower or chia) or Nuts (almonds, pine, etc)

4) Proteins (if the salad is the main course): Proteins enable muscle building so don’t forget adding an ample amount to your salad. Meat such as grilled chicken, roasted pork or turkey should do OR Grains like brown rice, barley or quinoa. Trick is to add only the sufficient amount as more the proteins, more shall be salad dressings. So be cautioned!

5) Herbs for your salad: Herbs lend a flavor to the salad and reduce the need to add salad dressings. You may try adding thyme, basil, chives, parsley, etc.

6) Salad Dressings: The last step in the preparation of a salad is to add salad dressings. However, be cautioned that most of the dressings are full of fats, sugar & unwanted calories. So refrain from over indulging, rather stick to a pinch of salt and black pepper laced with freshly squeezed lemon juice or half spoon of olive oil.

So, make the most of this enforced lockdown, change your habits for good.

Raising a toast to healthier and detoxed you!

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