#TomboyChronicles : Get your POUT right, like a filmstar!

Date: May 9, 2020

Rope Jumping

Priyanka Chopra, Rihaana, Kylie Jenner and the one with the original, Angelina Jolie! All of them have it in common, a POUT to be envious of! No, one doesn’t have to retract to botox and serum injections to get a pout of her own! There are other means of getting fuller lips, without any extra money wasted or an uncalled for ‘ouch’.


Try exfoliating your lips while in shower, take a damp toothbrush and some brown sugar, lightly rub your lips with it in circular motion and wash it off. Apply a light lip balm afterwards, this shall scrub off the extra dead cells.


Before your lipstick, put on some concealer to give your lip a base and then apply the lipshade. This shall give a cleaner look and make your pout visible-r!


Remember the hack I shared a few blogs ago, always pick a lip liner that matches your skin and not your lip shade! Line up your lips and then apply the lipshade, this shall lend a fuller look to your lips.


Adding a little magic to your glam, highlighter always comes handy. Dab a little just above the middle of your lips, sureshot to give a fuller plump. See for yourself!

Matte shades

Matte shades shall always lend a fuller look than the shiny counterparts. Even if you are going for a glossier one, try putting in the shiny bit in the middle of lips and not the sides and thou shall glean it right!

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