TomboyChronicles : Hashtag it Right on Social Media!

Date: April 15, 2020

Social Media

With the onset of digital age, it has become easier to reach out to your clients. As a freelancer providing beauty services or a salon owner, the social media can enable you to draw and engage your potential as well as current clients, increase your brand loyalty as well as promote your services.

1) The key principle of social media is : More engaging your content is, more visitors shall you draw. Beautiful photos with a simple or intriguing caption related to beauty or styling can be the interaction starter.

2) Use Facebook as a ‘mini-website’! Known fact is that almost every human has an account on Facebook now, hence you should use the Facebook timeline as a mini website with all information about services offered.

– Write relevant posts which can act as a conversation starter, example “Beautiful Hair style for this summer can be?”
– Post a lots of photos and videos related to the services offered
– Post pre & post service pictures to promote the result and repeat your customers.
– Hold contests with free services reward points, example ask your clients to publish the best manicure pics with trending hashtags. Announce with winners and do fall through with the rewards announced.
– Give extra rewards to ‘Facebook fans’ by giving them redeemable points or give them exclusive deals.

3) Instagram being the latest “in-thing” when it comes to social media promotion. You may post quirky and bright photos in line with the theme of your services or salons.

– Stay on trend! Keep a tab on all trending hashtags to increase your visitors on Instagram. Like #SummerDIYs or #AtHomeDoables, etc
– Remember putting in your location specific hashtags as well, so that customer looking for services in your area may stumble upon your posts.
– Showcasing pre & post pics of your work to attract more visitors highlighting magical transformations.
– Instagram commands young followers, so keep your posts fun, quirky and colorful.
– Conduct exclusive Insta contests.
– Incentivize Insta testimonials to spread the word-of-mouth.

4) Twitter is information platform where the content matters more than photographs.

– Mention special offers with routing hyperlinks mentioned, so that the visitors could be routed to your website.
– Gift special giftcodes on retweeting your posts.
– The concept of hashtag is similar to Instagram, so make good use of trending hashtags while tweeting

5) Tik-Tok is one of latest technology app which allows user to create videos. It is being widely used by MUAs all over to record their work and post them on various other social platforms.

So, use the social media to your advantage and gain new customers, repeat old ones and take interactions to a new level.

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