#TomboyChronicles : Restore Your Sanity!

Date: April 13, 2020

Restore your sanity

Any channel.. Any E-platform.. Any newspaper you pick, the only words standing out loud are Corona, deaths, lack of medical solutions..!

Times like these, even the sanest person shall fall prey to anxiety or stress or downright depression, irrespective of which age group or class he falls in.

However, there is a way of steering clear of blues. It has been scientifically proven that a set ritual for the day even during a period of grief helps you steer through the pain and despair. Rituals with your family or partners shall make you feel emotionally engaged and calm.

During this pandemic, the current actual and perpetual grief is playing a havoc on our mental health. Having a set regime for the day shall give you a sense of control over your life. A survey conducted by HBR clearly hinted higher adaptation in the cases where a sequence of rituals was followed by individuals. Before this pandemic, we had a ritual every day – for example getting up, getting ready, taking breakfast, leaving for office. Even if you try to tell such people to switch the sequence, they would start feeling anxious or uncomfortable.

So you should try and develop a ritual with your near and dear ones, slotted time period for indulging in each during the day and repeat it over and over. This shall calm you down during these testing times. They don’t have to be organically made, you can insert some activities artificially such as :

– Inculcate reading habit – You can find unlimited stock of free ebooks at pdfdrive.net
– Start exercising – You can follow the likes of : Fitness Blenders or Leslie Sensone
– Vlogging or blogging
– Take an online course
– Cook or clean or laundry at slotted times.

It calms down your brain knowing we have an event happening at a regular time. It inserts some sense of control during these chaotic times. Invent a ritual for your day and be at peace.

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