#TomBoyChronicles : The ONLY Way of Applying Lipstick I Knew, was WRONG!

Date: March 30, 2020

SelfGrooming course at Orane

DAB DAB on the upper lip, right to left & left to right. Motion two.. rubbing the upper lip on lower! Easy, fast but yes lots of smudging. That was the only way of applying lip color I knew of.

Until I did the #SelfGrooming course at Orane! Other than busting all the myths about beauty, the experts at Orane share easy-to-do tricks for laymen like me and you!

Grab a lip balm (Nivea is the best!), lip liner (Maybelline has the best & cheapest one), Lipstick (Mac is my favorite!) and a tissue.

Heres the algorithm :

Step 1) Dab a little lipbalm on your lips to crease away crinkles if any, softens the surface for consistent look when color is applied later.

Step 2) The trick about putting on your lipliner is to find a color which matches your natural lip color (and not the lipstick color). Put on dots across the outline of lips and then slowly join them.

Step 3) Put your lipstick in the centre of your upper lip and stroke it to the outer end, now put your stick in the centre again and stroke it to the outer end on other side. Repeat it for the lower lip too. Use your little finger to even out the color all across.

Step 4) Take a tissue, fold it in the middle. Hold it on ends with both ends and put the folded end between your lips. It shall remove extra layer of lipstick and make it stay longer too.

And you are good to go! A little lipstick brightens up your face and your day! Shine and sparkle..!

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