#TomboyChronicles : Thinking Hairstyling? Remember These must-haves!

Date: April 14, 2020


Are you thinking hair styling? Here is a list of few must-haves depending on your hair texture. Get them and crack a whip on your rebellious hair!

1) If the texture of your hair is FINE & STRAIGHT :
– A good blow dryer
– Fine-tooth comb, use it to remove tangles from your hair.
– Round board bristle brush, to add the volume while you blow dry.
– Hot rollers maybe, to add volume to your hair.
– Thickener, shortlist one with body building wheat protein before using other styling products.
– Volumizing Spray, spray it and then blow dry
– Volumizing shampoo, one with lesser conditioning and settling down agents

2) If your hair texture is FINE BUT WAVY OR CURLY :
– A good blow dryer
– Hair diffuser, to retain your natural waves or curls while you blow dry.
– Duckbill clips, put them on when your hair is wet, remove when the hair is dried up. Shall help retain your curls.
– Leave-in conditioner, use it on your damp hair before applying any other styling product.
– Round boar-bristle brush, a gentle motion in your hair won’t break your hair.
– Shampoo, to eradicate frizziness issue use one with oils or silicon

3) If you are blessed with THICK BUT CURLY hair :
– A good blow dryer
– A gentle Boar Bristle round brush, to grip your hair well while blow drying
– Conical curling iron, shall help define your unruly and wild curls.
– Curl cream, to hold your curls just right
– Diffuser, to softly blow dry your damp hair and leaving lesser frizziness behind.
– Conditioner, to reduce frizziness
– Shampoo, which is high on either oils or silicone to manage frizzy hair.

4) For THICK BUT WAVY OR STRAIGHT hair, your must-haves are :
– A good blow dryer
– A cushion brush with mixed bristles, for smooth straight look
– Flat iron, try using a ceramic one for skip-wash straight hair!
– Gel cream, keeps them smooth but not greasy
– Shampoo, use one with silicon or oil based formula to manage frizziness!
– Silicone shine spray, a must if you use flat iron frequently. Spray a fine mist near the head before ironing. This – reduces damage to the hair from the direct heat.
– Velcro rollers, shall help in giving thick strand body while blow drying.

5) For RELAXED BUT COARSE hair, get hold of following :
– Blow dryer
– Leave-in Conditioner, shall help in weighing down relaxed hair
– Flat iron, to manage the dry hair near the face
– Heat protectant, to manage direct heat damage. One with silicone shall give shine to your hair.
– Shampoo, a protein based product is recommended to reinforce weak hair, ones having ingredients like extracts of – wheat/soy or silk amino acids
– Shower cap, for days when your don’t shampoo or blow dry
– Silk scarf, for sleeping without breaking hair!

6) For COARSE BUT WAVY OR CURLY hair, mind the list mentioned below :
– Blow dryer
– A flat iron, to smoothen the frizz & add shine, after blow drying
– Hair Spray. To manage fly aways after blow drying.
– Leave in conditioner, to activate your natural curls
– Paddle brush, to keep your hair smooth as you dry.
– Shampoo, with silicon or oil to reduce frizzy hair

Good luck with your wild but beautiful hair!

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