#TomboyChronicles : VALUES we VALUE!

Date: April 11, 2020

Mighty Army

Drawing parallels between the Mighty Army and the top-notch B&W Player Orane.

Army has strong protocols, clearly defined hierarchy so much so that if Commander says, “Attack.”, Lieutenants don’t think but just do! Army also boasts of hitting the targets & always being well-informed (of both friends & foes)! They are the saviors of the weak. Schooled to be disciplined to the core!

Quoting here as an Insider, Orane is no different than Army! With clearly defined hierarchy, there is one Commander-In-chief. There is a team of Brigadiers who command the Platoon, following ‘every order to the T’. Clearly, the testament to the stringent ‘line of command’ is the fact that this homegrown company boasts of 100+ beauty schools in India and Canada, carrying accreditations of International Beauty Bodies such as PTIB (Canada), CIDESCO (Zurich) & CIBTAC (Gloucester).

There is a dedicated ‘Information Cell’ aka Technical team which continuously stays abreast of all latest innovations in Beauty & Wellness sector, ensuring that the quality of curriculum is simply the best. We boast of rolling out latest courses every quarter and updating the existing ones every alternate year. With course duration varying from a week to 2 years, we offer plethora of specialties in B&W, ranging from Hair, Makeup, Skin, Body, Spa, Nutrition to name a few. These courses enable student to start from Amateur Level 1 to Expert Level 5.

Living it up to the five core values, Orane is redefining the sphere of Beauty Education. Testimony being :

Value #1 – TRUST : Orane was founded with the sole intent of “contributing back to the society”. Living by the strict & transparent code of conduct, the company has imparted beauty skill training to more than 60,000 students till date, garnering the public trust in the brand.


Value #2 – RESULT ORIENTED : Every soul working for Orane-verse understands the significance of result orientation, a value deeply imbibed in the work culture. The flag bearing Brigadiers are running their platoons, focusing on outcome driven approach through and through.

#PerformOrPerish #FocusAndAttain

Value #3 – COMPASSION : Since the inception, the company has been driven doggedly by its mission “Empowering 2,00,000 Youth & Women with beauty skill and making them financially independent by 2022”. The company had earned appreciation from highest skill officials for its student friendly scholarship policies & economical courses.

#Compatissante d’Entreprise

Value #4 – COLLABORATION : Orane understands “creativity knows no bound” and “collaboration is multiplication”! For benefitting its students, Orane has been closely working with national bodies such as National Skill Development Corporation & B&WSSC as well as competitors.


Value #5 – RESPONSIVE : Orane strives for continuous evolution. Marching ahead with a proactive approach, innovating its policy and processes as well as training methodology cum curriculum!

#Proactivity = fn {acknowledgement, correction, learning}

Come, Join the Orane universe as a student or employee & enjoy the ride!

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