Top 10 Beautiful Wedding Makeup Looks & Tips for Indian Brides!

Date: April 6, 2020

We all love Traditional Indian Weddings where Indian Brides looks like a Nymph directly from heaven. Bridal Makeup is the one that enhances the beauty of a bride and gives it perfection. With taking care of new fantasies coming to the life, it is equally important you should be extra attentive for your bridal makeup even after having one of the best makeup artists. Here we are sharing latest bridal looks enriched from makeup to get perfect glowing beauty with a breathtaking look on your most special day.

1.Get Gorgeous with Silver Eye Makeup and Soft Pink Lips:

On this wedding season, get a flawless look to enhance your cheeks. This perfect combination of heavy and soft makeup not only enhances your beauty but also give you calm and modern look. Always prefer soft lip colours with heavy Eye makeup. Apply eye makeup in contrast to your dress or choose the silver colour as it looks stunning and perfect to highlight your eyes with every dress style.

2.Try Sparkle and Smoky Eye Makeup for a Glamorous Look:

To look more appealing this will be the perfect make-up picture for your eyes. Get amazed to the people with this sparkle and smoky bridal eyes makeup. Use of bright colours will be more effective as it will make you more appealing. The beauty is grown up with smoky effect around the eyes.

3.Try Traditional Royal Look with Modern Touch on Wedding Day:

This look is for those who love an old traditional royal look. Give it some modern touch from experienced hand to look ethnic with modernity on your wedding. Apply dark eyeshadow in contrast to your outfits. Two dark colour combination of eyeshadow will give it a very royal classy look. For giving a modern touch just groom the eyelashes little bigger or curly. Yes, don’t forget to put heavy jewellery contrasting to your attire for this look as it works great to look stunning.

4.Face Fixing:

First of all, moisturize the face using your fingertips to get a soft smoother texture with even skin tone. Just after two minutes apply primer from a good brand. It helps to keep the concealer and foundation in place. This also makes the makeup effective for long hours. To get the more glowing look, use a highlighter on the face to highlights higher planes areas such as Forehead Center, Cheek Bones, and Nose Bridge.

5.Look Chiseled with Bronzer:

Use of Bronzer will get a sharp and chiseled look. To apply this in the correct way, take an angular Blush Brush and apply with strokes on chin sides, forehead sides and nose side. Remember do not include their center side. Contour your face’s sides evenly with its proper use.

6.Blush Tips:

Take a Blush Brush and apply blush on it. Apply it on the cheeks with a circular motion and steady smile. Remember to blend it upward towards ears.

7.Lipstick tips:

To keep your lipstick/gloss in proper place use colour sensational lip liner. Make sure you choose the exact shade which match to your lip colour and that will be matching to the dress. For thin lips, don’t apply the liner on the outside of your lips. To get a fuller pout look, apply more towards the center side. Corals, Red, Pink, Maroon, Brown shades are mostly used for Indian bridal makeup.

8.Hair Conditioning:

To give your hair best and soft looks throughout the wedding, use deep conditioning/hair mask. For best results start to apply twice/thrice in a month before the wedding.

9.Get Enough Sleep:

Sleeping is a good time to re-energize yourself. Sleep at least seven hours in a day to get a fresh look and remove under eyes circle.

10.Be Clear about Your Requirements with Makeup Artist:

Speak up clearly with the makeup artist before appointing about all the essentials. It is better to see the sample work or arrange a trial session with the artist to avoid last-minute issues. Although wedding day makeup is very special for every bride or bride to be, yet some early preparation will help you to look stunning on your life’s special day. To get proper effect from Indian Bridal makeup, better to follow some moderations in all makeup products. Indian Brides are already overloaded with heavy jewellery, so, try to keep your look simple, yet gorgeous and filled with glamor to emphasize your best features. Hope, these tips will help you on your special most awaited day.

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