Top 10 Tips for Summer Skincare and Makeup

Date: April 6, 2020

Every season brings the transitions of new and moderate beauty staples. Those who want to look stunning as always should follow a customized beauty approach every season, especially for summer skincare. Moreover, it should keep you fresh and hydrated throughout the day.

Use Summer-Oriented Beauty Approach for a Flawless Beauty

Skin care and makeup approaches vary season to season. You cannot apply winter moisturizer for summer skincare because warm weather has its own concerns. In fact, summer season takes a toll on your skin every year. The scorching heat, pollution, humidity, and sweating pull your entire natural glow and sometimes invite the infections as well.

To avoid these unnecessary summer hassles and for getting a radiant skin, here we are sharing top 10 handy tips this summer:

1. Exfoliate Your Skin:

A very ground rule for summer skincare is to start with exfoliating the skin.  Every day, every minute; any human body sheds skin cells at an amazing rate. It’s very much important to get rid of it as it gives you a dull and dry appearance.

Exfoliating is the best option instead to apply lotions or fairness creams multiple times. It is a key to get a glowing skin in summers. So, grab a body scrub and hit the shower. Gently rub it in a circular motion on your overall body and rinse clean. Repeat this process 2 or 3 times in a week for a refreshing and radiant skin.

2. Always Carry Sunscreen and Wet Wipes:

Going out in the summer is so much irritating, especially it hampers your skin. Heat steals the necessary oil from your skin and makes you dull. To avoid this and maintain your evergreen beauty, always carry sunscreen and facial blotting paper, and wet wipes whenever stepping out into the sun.

3. Make Water Your Best Friend:

Your body needs minimum 2 liters of water. So, always take water whenever you remember or make a habit to sip it after every 30 minutes. Carry a water bottle with you when stepping outside. For summer skin care, it can be the best option and will help you to feel fresh, remove toxins, and prevents dehydration.

4. Say No to Heavy Makeup and Dark Colours:

During summer, less or no makeup is the best. Use of heavy makeup products will give you a patchy skin.  Wherever makeup is needed, choose light colours with a minimal makeup as it gives you a natural look. Choose the products that have a good amount of SPF (SPF 30 to SPF 70) for summer skincare. Avoid eye makeup in summers.

5. Use Waterproof Makeup Products Only:

If you are going to attend some function and need to apply makeup, choose waterproof makeup products only whether it’s a lipstick, foundation, eyeliners, mascara, or anything. Waterproof products prevent your makeup from being caked.

Apart from above tips, you can note down the below points as well for summer skin care and makeup tips:

6. Avoid Eye Makeup. If it is necessary for you to apply for attending some party, dust some powder onto your eyelashes or area where makeup needs to be applied.

7. Don’t forget to pedicure your feet either in salon, beauty school or at home itself. It looks worse to show dull and dry feet outside from the cute sandals.

8. Hydrate your skin with a summer-oriented lotion. Look for something that quickly absorbs into your skin. Gels and purees are perfect hydration option of summer skin care.

9. Use very light shades on your lips and eyes to give it a summer look.

10. Avoid using foundation and switch to a tinted concealer or moisturizer for a lighter look. In case you need to apply foundation, prior from it apply primer as it will do wonder to give you a glowing and refreshing look.

Although, summer season brings some unwanted problems to your beauty if you carelessly handle it, yet a little extra effort will give you a refreshing, evergreen, and radiant skin throughout the year.

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