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Date: April 6, 2020

Beauty, Hair and Makeup secrets can be found in abundance on the internet. But one thing that binds all is our Bollywood beauty. Everyone is interested to know their beauty secrets. The makeup trends of our Bollywood beauties are bold, vibrant and very cheerful. In this article, Orane International is going to reveal the top 5 makeup secrets of popular Divas.

Secret of Forever Beauty Hacks

1.Jacqueline Fernandez’s honey lips: Ever wondered what makes Jacqueline’s lips so full and supple? Most of us would love to draw inspiration from all her makeup secrets. Don’t you? So, here is the secret – she applies honey instead of lip balm. Yes, it is that simple and uncomplicated. We would suggest you to start using it before sleeping at night.

2.Sonam Kapoor’s sunset eyes: When it comes to setting trends, very few Bollywood actresses can match up to Sonam Kapoor. Her latest flaunt is the sunset eyes. Ms. Kapoor has been spotted with her sunset eyes in many past events. So, here is the trick – Replace the regular shades of your eyeshadow with vibrant shades that you usually associate with a glorious sunset. Get shades of red, orange, bright yellow and pink. Apply them generously on your eyelids to get the perfect bold look that Sonam carries off.

3.Priyanka Chopra’s daily hair wash secret: Priyanka Chopra has one of the best Bollywood secrets that she’s even taken over to Hollywood! In an interview, she recently revealed the secret to her luscious hair – daily wash. So, take a mild shampoo and wash your hair daily to massage your scalp and remove sweat and grease.

4.Katrina Kaif’s ice therapy: Have you noticed how Katrina’s makeup always has an extra-smooth finish? So, here is the simple hack that nobody tells you to apply some ice on your face before you apply any kind of makeup.

5.Alia Bhat’s light foundation: You can always see Alia in her jarring clothes and makeup. Her look is subdued yet immensely gorgeous. How she does it is still a mystery! However, we are going to reveal her biggest secret – the application of foundation in a slightly lighter shade. Go give it a shot!

Now that you know these Bollywood secrets from popular your favourite Bollywood diva, go ahead and give them a try. For any further queries or to learn more tricks, please call us at Orane International, a chain of leading beauty institutes in Asia.

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