Upcoming trends that may shape India’s education. Read how Orane Institute thrives to educate 2 lakh students by 2020

Date: April 6, 2020

The education scene in India and across the globe is undergoing a paradigm shift. The rapidly evolving technology and its integration with the education system have opened a plethora of opportunities for students to learn.

Students now can access the classes and learning material developed by anybody in the world through the internet and online courses. The digitalized instruction and e-learning modules are playing a significant role in the way students grasp, understand, and retain knowledge.

While technology aids education, the success of any education system heavily relies on skilled teachers. With a low student to teacher ratio, kids will receive more attention and learn better. Therefore, there is always a never-ending demand for qualified and efficient instructors in the world.

The educational programmes and courses are now centred more on developing the skills of students rather than just encouraging them to learn by rote. This helps in building individuals who are ready to take up jobs and be absorbed into the industry immediately after they complete their education.

It is believed that by the 2100, over half the world’s population will reside in India, China, or Africa. This means the canter of education provision will also shift towards these countries and skilled labour is what will be in demand.

These changes are evident in every field or sector of education, even in the vocational courses. One of the most popular and emerging vocational courses in India are the ones pertaining to the beauty and wellness industry. That’s where we at Orane, have a role to play!

Orane’s vision – Educated and skilled India

Orane Institute of Beauty and Wellness is at the forefront when it comes to educating India’s talented individuals in the field of beauty. While we focus on each individual to transform them into a skilled beautician, we also plan to reach out to as many students in the country as we can. Here’s how Orane plans to educate and nurture the talents of around 2 lakh individuals by 2020.

Beauty Courses

Vocational training and skill base employment are in huge demand in our country right now and this need will shoot up in the years to come. Instead of courses that just focus on offering a degree, our competency-based programs help students find employment in the rapidly growing beauty sector. There’s no stopping people who are armed with skills.

Beauty therapy courses that include training in cosmetology, hair design, aesthetics, nails, makeup and spa, all offer a profitable career choice for skilled professionals. We offer a host of short and long term courses designed by experts, to help educate and employ a large number of students in this field.

Practical Training Programmes

We all know the importance of practical training as opposed to theory-based education. So at Orane, we keep this in mind and focus on giving our students some hands-on experience with the techniques they learn and the tools they will have to use on the job. This approach not only helps them learn but also understand the problems that could arise and how they should deal with them. It gives them the confidence to practice independently after they complete their course. Our expert instructors ensure each student is able to deliver beauty services efficiently after they step out of our institute.

Innovation in Teaching

We focus on building our students’ skills through our courses. That’s why our innovative curriculum is centred on getting students ready to take on real-world challenges. Our competency-based certificate programs teach specific, relevant content, and also test the students at the end of the course to see if
they have grasped everything that was taught.

To know more about Orane, or about our courses and training programmes, visit our nearest branch orvisit www.Orane.co. Happy learning!

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