What 2018 has In Store for Beauty and Wellness?

Date: April 6, 2020

We are standing right front of 2018. The upcoming new year more than ever, wellness will be the forefront of people’s mind. Be it relates to beauty or health, people are more focused towards their skin and health issues. In India, we’ve always had a culture of using natural products or organic ingredients. So, 2018 would be a year of organic personal care products plus the beauty practitioner. The trend has gained momentum in the last few years. One reason could be of increasing the awareness on potential harm by using chemical beauty products. Now people prefer the products with greener footprints from beauty experts when visiting any salon. Another reason could be that beauty is the fastest growing sector and will become the biggest job puller by 2022. Every day, beauty experts invent a new solution.

Based on above, let’s see what 2018 has in store for Beauty and Wellness.

1.Beauty and Wellness: The Natural Beauty Movement

2018 is all about using the natural care ingredients. A major study in the segment indicates the considerable rise in demand for natural beauty products. Leading brands are already up and running, getting the most out of the organic ingredients. Look at any TV ads or in detailed ingredients of any personal care products, you will find it loaded with natural ingredients. Whether it is any facial products or hair products, natural care products will gain the momentum in 2018 and hence become a significant trend in 2018.

2.Beauty and Wellness: The Career Growth

As already discussed – Beauty, health, and wellness is the fastest growing industry. Even when the entire world was undergoing an economic crisis, the beauty industry was amongst the least hit sectors. In year 2003, beauty industry has generated a total revenue of total 3000 crores which has increased significantly (an average of 12%). It clearly indicates that people are more conscious about their looks and hence find the expert beauty consultants for them. It leads to create more job opportunities in beauty and wellness sector, which is projected to almost 57.86 crores in 2022.

To land the lucrative designation of a make-up artist, a body art expert, a hair stylist and the like, a diploma course in that particular aspect of beauty from a good institution, after 10+2 or equivalent examination in any background, is all you need. There are various good institutes like Orane International Institute of Beauty and Wellness that offer many such courses in beauty. However, like all forms of art and skills, only practice and experience will make you a skilled artist and hone your skill further.

Get ready to step towards a skill full career in this year and grow your career with maximum benefits. According to NSDC, skilled workforce in beauty and wellness sector would grow thrice as much, from 40 lakhs in 2013 to 1.42 crore in 2022, making it the fastest growing job creator. So, what are you thinking? Get enrolled now.

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