Why & how to pursue a career in nutrition?

Date: January 12, 2023

How many carbs should you consume per day? Is bread healthy? Can we eat oats for breakfast every day? and the list of questions goes on… But does someone have a precise answer to this question? because there are so many incomplete thoughts and scrambled eggs being spread these days.

A nutritionist can be a good option to take advice from, and building a career in nutrition and dietetics is not that hard these days.

If all these sound like your cup of tea, then keep reading.

Who is a Nutritionist?

A nutritionist is someone who gives recommendations on what to eat to live a healthy lifestyle or accomplish a particular health objective, like losing weight or lowering blood pressure, and you know what the exciting part of becoming that “someone” is? You automatically get to stay healthy.

According to Global Newswire, the market for human nutrition is expected to reach $465.4 billion by 2025. It is predicted to keep increasing at the same rate of 6.6% each year that it has! Then what’s better than adopting a career in nutrition at this point?

Let’s hop into how it can benefit you and what the various courses are that could make you a certified nutritionist.

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Clinical nutrition training and courses

Nutritionists are not as regulated as dietitians, and even those who do not have any professional training can legally call themselves nutritionists.

With that said, many nutritionists have advanced degrees and will pass nutritionist certification boards to obtain the protected title of certified nutrition specialist (CNS). This can be obtained with the help of Orane International.

Orane International offers certification and even proper degrees for the title of “certified clinical nutritionist” (CCN).

Types of nutritionists

  1. Sport Nutritionist
  2. Pediatric Nutritionist
  3. Gerontological Nutritionist
  4. Renal or Nephrology Nutritionist

Who all are eligible to become a nutritionist:

Anyone who has completed the 10th or 12th grade can become a nutritionist.

This course is intended for individuals who want to study modern and Ayurvedic methods of weight management in detail. It is suitable for those who want a career change to qualify as a nutritionist and become part of a growing health revolution.

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Ideally, you’ve decided what to pursue at this point. A nutritionist is a specialist in using food and nutrition to treat a variety of illnesses and enhance general health. Schools, health clinics, inpatient or outpatient settings, and nutritionists’ offices are just a few of the places where they can function.

And with all these benefits, Orane International warmly invites you to pursue your ambitions at the top nutrition academy, where we work to make sure that each student receives the greatest possible education in the areas that are most important to them.

Get started by enrolling in one of our most popular courses, such as a certification programme in nutrition and dietetics, at the Beauty & Wellness Institute in India, Orane.

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