Why is getting certified in Nail Art in demand?

Date: July 22, 2019

Nail Art Course

Nail Art is like an ubiquitous style you’ll see every fashionista flaunting these days. From celebrities to social butterflies to corporate women, some form of Nail Art has become an integral part of beauty regime of the modern Indian woman. With the rise in demand for nail art, there has been a steep rise in the demand of fully trained nail artists and nail technicians. In this day and age, when customer expectations soar high and there is no space to go wrong, nail bars, beauty parlors and cosmetology centers prefer to hire certified nail technicians and nail art experts, thereby intensifying the need to get certified in nail art.

A certificate or diploma course in nail art preps you for the role and equips you with an in-depth and hands-on technical knowledge of different nail shapes, use of nail polish, characters and accessories.  Depending on the course you choose, you are trained on various trending nail art works like glitter work, foil work, needle work, brush work, sponge work, acrylic color and marble work.

As these nail art techniques require special skills, certified nail artists are in high demand for they build employer as well as customer confidence seamlessly. While many youngsters waste their time by working as a junior at nail bars, where they hardly learn the true skills and requisite know-how; there are others who are serious about choosing nail art as their long term career and hence opt for certification in nail art, 3D nail art, diploma in nail technician, diploma in nail art and extension and so on to acquire the right skillset and gain in-depth knowledge that they can use in their daily course of work.

There’s also a big difference in the salaries or payouts of certified nail artists and their counterparts with no certification to their credit. Thereby an investment of two months in the nail art certification course of your choice will bring in higher returns as soon as you complete your course.

At Orane International School of Beauty and Wellness, our successful trainees who complete the certificate course in nail art or diploma in nail technician or any other nail art course, are fully assisted for placements in the country’s top notch beauty parlors, nail studios and cosmetology clinics. During your nail art certificate course at Orane Beauty Institute, you will work under the expert guidance of nail art professionals and certified technicians. You will gain hands-on knowledge on different tools, products and techniques used in creating nail art and nail extensions. You may choose short term courses of  as less as 15 days or opt for full training programs of 2 months to attain thorough knowledge and practical exposure to nail art techniques.

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