You Are In A Beauty Contest Every Day of Your Life

Date: August 8, 2019

Beauty Course in Preet Vihar Delhi

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, however, there’s a lot one can do to beautify his/her looks and spellbound everyone around them. Moreover, looking beautiful is not just to impress others, it’s an effective way of selfcare, selflove. We at Orane Beauty Institute in Preet Vihar, New Delhi strongly believe that you are in a beauty contest everyday of your life. Whether you are going for an important interview or business presentation, or you are heading to just office or gearing up to attend a kitty party or special event, you must look your best even without heaps of makeup. The secret to this evergreen beauty lies in taking care of yourself and grooming your face and body as part of your daily and weekly beauty regimen.

Young girls and women who are beauty and health conscious are opting for a Certificate Course in Self Grooming to acquire professional skills that can help them stay beautiful even as they age. While there’s no dearth of YouTube videos showing night routine of CTM, one often gets confused with what to follow and what not. During your Self-Grooming course in Preet Vihar, you will be taught about skincare and haircare. Effective techniques of Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing will be showcased so you know how to practically do it in the right way so as you nourish your skin and steer clear of impurities and build-ups that clog your pores. To keep yourself up-to-date, you will be taught self-threading, self-bleach, self-facial and self-waxing as well-shaped eyebrows, a glowing face and silky-smooth arms and legs add to your innate beauty and make you look well-groomed.

When you follow your selfcare beauty regime, the results speak for themselves as you have less breakouts, even skin-tone and a healthy skin, thanks to the blood circulation and lymph movement that happens due to fortnightly facial massaging and everyday CTM.

As women age, the first signs of ageing are often witnessed from their hands and feet as the natural secretion of body oils diminishes. Smart women avoid cracked heels or chapped nails by regularizing their manicure and pedicure sessions. And when you know how to do self-manicure and self-pedicure, the care becomes more organized as you are not dependent on your next visit to the beauty parlor to groom your hands and feet. What’s more, at Orane International School of Beauty and Wellness Preet Vihar, we understand that just manicure and pedicure do not satiate the modern Indian woman, who finds nail-art as a creative impression of her current mood and mindset, so we’ve got you covered.

A metropolitan city like Delhi is known for its high-social engagement and night life. Plans are made in a jiffy and are so inviting that you cannot say no. In such tricky situations when you are supposed to turn-up in less than an hour, visiting a parlor is nearly impossible. However, those who know the art of self-makeup find it easy to get ready quickly yet stand out in their pack of friends. During the Certificate Course in Self Grooming, you are empowered with five styles of saree draping, self-makeup and self-hairstyle.

In just two weeks’ time, you will be a self-beauty pro and ready to help others too. Call us today on 8872500500 or fill the Contact Us form below and have us call you back. Your beauty and good looks shall never be compromised due to lack of time, and it’s never late to start investing in your personal-grooming.

Be beautiful, everyday!

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