You might just be a skill away from the freedom that you are looking for!

Date: April 6, 2020

It is in your nature to be free and when your life is aligned to your true nature that is when you experience happiness to the fullest. However, lack of freedom can cripple you and deprive you of this happiness. Yes, a life without freedom is a life not lived to the fullest. And thus, you should be constantly striving to attain freedom. However, this is not always the case!

Many don’t have the freedom to express themselves on the job while there are others who don’t have the financial freedom that they need. A majority of these people are the ones who have worked hard to finish the rat race and get their degrees. Yet, they lack the very freedom that is vital for a happy life.

Skill development is the way forward

It is important to note that the main problem lies in the belief that earning a degree is the only way to settle in life. Hence, youngsters are pushed into the rat race to earn a degree, even by paying huge sums of money as donations. Just imagine a scenario where there are only 200 job opportunities while the number of degree holders trying for those opportunities is 2000. Yes, 1800 would be without a job. The current scenario in India can be easily compared to the one mentioned above.

However, there are many areas which are yet to be explored by the youth of the country. There is a tremendous demand for skilled professionals in areas like cosmetology and by developing such skills one can easily land a job that will not just pay handsomely but also provide the freedom that millions of youngsters today are looking for. For instance, by doing a diploma course in hair designing, an individual can start earning a decent income way before someone who has opted for an engineering course. Also, the investment that will be required for the skill-based course will be far less as compared to that required for an engineering course. There is also an added opportunity to move abroad with these skills, provided the cosmetology institute that you are studying from is CIBTAC and CIDESCO certified. Orane is one such institute that is striving towards skill development in India. It is a pioneer in imparting beauty and wellness education in the country with top notch facilities and high quality training.

Orane – A frontrunner in skill development

The last few years have seen a rapid push from the government in terms of skill development in the country. With initiatives like India Skills Competition 2016, Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana 2.0 (PMKV), Labour Management Information System (LMIS), the government has put a stamp on its strong intentions around changing the skill landscape in the country. And private institutes like Orane are playing a vital role in fulfilling this mission by providing skill-based training opportunity to the masses.

Orane, one of the top cosmetology institutes in India, runs with a vision to impart employable skills in the beauty and wellness domain to the youth of the country. The institute is not just nationally accredited but also has accreditations from CIBTAC and CIDESCO, which are leading international standards for beauty and spa therapy. The Orane team understands that employable skills can empower the massive workforce that the country has on offer and thus strives on an everyday basis to achieve the dream.

A degree is not required to get employed. A simple skill if developed properly could turn anyone into an in-demand professional.

This is the basic idea that the Orane institute would like to infuse in the minds of the young people of the country. From Certificate in Advanced Beauty to Certificate in Basic Mehndi Course, Orane offers a host of courses that are taught by experienced professionals. And once the studies are done, Orane also guides the students during their placements, staying with them all throughout their journey towards freedom.

If you are also on the lookout for freedom, come to Orane and develop a skill of your choice. Doing this might just be the best decision of your life!

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