Your 5-Step Guide to Becoming a Successful Beautician!

Date: November 4, 2019

Are you an aspiring hairstylist or Makeup Artist, wanting to make your way into the ever-growing and fascinating world of the beauty industry? Then it’s time to start on an exciting journey of learning, growing, and establishing yourself as a successful beauty professional.

Here’s a handy guide to help you reach your destination.

1. Find Your Forte

You can opt for an all-inclusive training in makeup, haircutting, styling, coloring, hair and face treatments, skincare, nail care and nail art, wellness therapies like spa, skin rejuvenation, and so on. You can also start with basic learning and then specialize in any one vertical of beauty, based on your interest or career objective. Or, you can directly start with a specific program and sharpen your skills and techniques in the same.

2. Develop Interpersonal Skills

Being in the service industry, you will be constantly dealing with people. Whether you work in a salon, a beauty clinic, or as a freelance professional, you must be interactive and responsive to clients and peers. A few must-have interpersonal skills a beauty professional needs to develop:

1. Manage client communication through phone calls, emails, and text messages.
2. Be an expert in client servicing by interacting with them and learning about their treatment and style preferences, product allergies, budgets, etc.
3. Have an affable and charming personality, greet clients, and have a welcoming vibe at all times.
4. Have an understanding attitude but also be tactful and encouraging when explaining treatments/services.

3. Be Resourceful

The beauty industry is constantly evolving. If you want to grow as a professional and want to be a go-to expert for your clients, you need to know about market trends and style ideas, innovative treatments and newer products. Being informative and knowledgeable will make you stay ahead of the game.

4. Hone Your Business Skills

If you want to run your own business or be a self-employed professional, then you also need to gain business and administrative skills like:

1. Ability to sell treatments, products, and upsell to regular clients.
2. Handle daily admin tasks like vendor management, appointments, inventory control, and supplies, among other operations.
3. Have a thorough understanding of market changes and your competition.

5. Be an Expert

Last, but not the least, train yourself with the right learning tools at the Best Beauty Institute. Learn from industry professionals and practice as much as you can during your training period. Be an expert at what you do to make a difference in people’s lives with your skills. At Orane Beauty Institute, you can choose from a plethora of courses. Visit our ‘Find A Course’ section to learn about various beauty courses that you can explore and master your art as a successful beautician.

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