Your Ultimate Guide to Removing Acrylic Nails at Home Without Damaging Natural Nails

Date: October 1, 2019

Removing Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are on every fashionista’s bucket-list whether she’s going for her vacay or slaying it at a special event. The craze for acrylic nails is undeniable, however, removing them should not be a firefighting aftermath. Many women take a wrong approach while removing their acrylic nails at home and in the process end up wrecking havoc on their precious natural nails. If you too are a Nail Extensions aficionado, then take notes while we give you ultimate tips on safely removing acrylic nail extensions in the comfort of your four walls.

Nail technicians recommend to use a grit file to file down the surface of acrylic nails as much as possible. However, be wary of protecting the skin around your nails.

The next step is to soak your fingertips in 100% acetone to let the remnants dissolve. As per nail professionals, apply acetone generously on a cotton fab and cover it around each fingernail, wrapping with a foil on each fingertip to let the acetone work closely. In this fashion, the acetone will come in contact with fingernails only and will take lesser time to dissolve the leftover acrylic nails. In about 30 minutes, check your fingernails, you’ll be able to take the acrylic nails off. If they’re too stubborn then use a cuticle pusher or orange stick to gently peel off acrylic extensions.

The old school method of dunking your fingers in a bowl of acetone is a big no, for it damages the skin of your fingers and takes longer than the former technique. However, if that’s the option you want to choose, then apply petroleum jelly around your nails to protect the skin.

Once you are done with the soaking and peeling part, buff your fingernails to shed off anything that has remained after the first two steps. Use a soft foam buffer to as it will be enough to scrape off the leftovers.

Never take off your Acrylic Nail Extensions in a hurry. You may just end up damaging layers of your natural nails and nail beds, making them prone to infections and leaving them unhealable.

Acrylic nails lovers must take a sabbatical of at least one week between their chosen extensions to let the natural nails replenish their organic shine and health. During this time show some nail love and nourish them with castor oil or olive oil, buff them time to time, and keep them moisturized.

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